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  1. Property "unescapeLinks" doesn't seem to work.

    I can try that. Is that new version backward compatible? Thanks!
  2. Hello, I can't get the 'unescapeLinks' property to work. I'm kind of new to FusionCharts so I might be doing something wrong. We use the FusionCharts jquery Plugin and version fusioncharts/3.2.3-sr2.6105. I've tried a few combinations. Right now here's how my code stands. First, there's a call to insertFusionCharts with the following json: { swfUrl: CTX_SWF + "/Column2D.swf", dataFormat: "json", width: "100%", height: "100%", unescapeLinks: "0" // I don't think this belongs here but I put it in a desperate attempt to make it work. } Then we call updateFusionCharts with the following JSON: { "chart": { "adjustDiv": "0", "baseFontColor": "FFFFFF", "bgAlpha": "100", "bgColor": "000000,2D2D2D", "canvasBgAlpha": "0", "canvasBgColor": "000000", "canvasBorderAlpha": "0", "canvasBorderColor": "0000000", "canvasBorderThickness": "0", "divLineColor": "444444", "legendBgAlpha": "100", "legendBgColor": "000000", "legendBorderColor": "000000", "legendShadow": "0", "paletteColors": "EB7800, 27A0FF, D90000, 36D900, FFFF00, FF00FF, 7F00FF, 0059B2, 00FFFF", "plotFillRatio": "100", "showAlternateHGridColor": "0", "showBorder": "0", "showCanvasBg": "0", "toolTipBgColor": "000000", "unescapeLinks": "0", "use3DLighting": "0", "xAxisName": "Nome", "yAxisMaxValue": "3728353.639500000157687773505443828980787657201290130615234375" }, "data": [ { "label": "Sean Montgomery", "value": "3066783.84", "link": "#detail/1034/nome=Sean+Montgomery&" }, { "label": "Sean Carroll", "value": "1607287.58", "link": "#detail/1034/nome=Sean+Carroll&" }, { "label": "Sean Wood", "value": "405788.52", "link": "#detail/1034/nome=Sean+Wood&" }, { "label": "Sean Torres", "value": "2871859.64", "link": "#detail/1034/nome=Sean+Torres&" }, { "label": "Sean Torres", "value": "2878499.31", "link": "#detail/1034/nome=Sean+Torres&" }, { "label": "Sean Montgomery", "value": "128443.37", "link": "#detail/1034/nome=Sean+Montgomery&" }, { "label": "Sean Richardson", "value": "3550812.99", "link": "#detail/1034/nome=Sean+Richardson&" }, { "label": "Sean Andrews", "value": "1907075.30", "link": "#detail/1034/nome=Sean+Andrews&" }, { "label": "Sergio Finanças/barra", "value": "999999.44", "link": "#detail/1034/nome=Sergio+Finan%C3%A7as%2Fbarra&" } ] } When I click one of the columns on a javascript-redered chart, I get the unescaped URL, and that doesn't work because the URL for the last data point has an escaped forward slash. When I use the flash-rendered version it works fine. The URL is as it is in the JSON I've passed. Any thoughts on why this would happen? How to get around it? Thanks in Advance!