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  1. Hi, it seems it is not possible to highlight all districts in the javascript version of Czech Republic districts maps. If I try to add all district's entities, one of them (ID 26 - Frydek-Mistek) still stay in non-highlighted state. Have I done something wrong, or it is a bug? If I select less districts, everything works ok, but if there are more than 60, problems appears. There is my code: <map borderColor='005879' fillColor='e6f8ff' numberSuffix='' includeValueInLabels='0' labelSepChar=':' baseFontSize='9'><colorRange><color minValue='0' maxValue='100' displayValue='Okresy' color='#33DD33' /></colorRange><data><entity id='01' value='100' /><entity id='02' value='100' /><entity id='03' value='100' /><entity id='04' value='100' /><entity id='05' value='100' /><entity id='06' value='100' /><entity id='07' value='100' /><entity id='08' value='100' /><entity id='09' value='100' /><entity id='10' value='100' /><entity id='11' value='100' /><entity id='12' value='100' /><entity id='13' value='100' /><entity id='14' value='100' /><entity id='15' value='100' /><entity id='16' value='100' /><entity id='17' value='100' /><entity id='18' value='100' /><entity id='19' value='100' /><entity id='20' value='100' /><entity id='21' value='100' /><entity id='22' value='100' /><entity id='23' value='100' /><entity id='24' value='100' /><entity id='25' value='100' /><entity id='26' value='100' /><entity id='27' value='100' /><entity id='28' value='100' /><entity id='29' value='100' /><entity id='30' value='100' /><entity id='31' value='100' /><entity id='32' value='100' /><entity id='33' value='100' /><entity id='34' value='100' /><entity id='35' value='100' /><entity id='36' value='100' /><entity id='37' value='100' /><entity id='38' value='100' /><entity id='39' value='100' /><entity id='40' value='100' /><entity id='41' value='100' /><entity id='42' value='100' /><entity id='43' value='100' /><entity id='44' value='100' /><entity id='45' value='100' /><entity id='46' value='100' /><entity id='47' value='100' /><entity id='48' value='100' /><entity id='49' value='100' /><entity id='50' value='100' /><entity id='51' value='100' /><entity id='52' value='100' /><entity id='53' value='100' /><entity id='54' value='100' /><entity id='55' value='100' /><entity id='56' value='100' /><entity id='57' value='100' /><entity id='58' value='100' /><entity id='59' value='100' /><entity id='60' value='100' /><entity id='61' value='100' /><entity id='62' value='100' /><entity id='63' value='100' /><entity id='64' value='100' /><entity id='65' value='100' /><entity id='66' value='100' /><entity id='67' value='100' /><entity id='68' value='100' /><entity id='69' value='100' /><entity id='70' value='100' /><entity id='71' value='100' /><entity id='72' value='100' /><entity id='73' value='100' /><entity id='74' value='100' /><entity id='75' value='100' /><entity id='76' value='100' /><entity id='77' value='100' /></data></map> <script type="text/javascript"> FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer('javascript'); </script> <?php echo renderChart($this->baseUrl() . "/resources/charts/FCMap_CzechRepublicDistricts.swf", "", $bricksXML, "repmap", 600, 350, False, True) ?> screenshot:
  2. Czech Republic Districts JS entity limit

    I probably found a sollution ... it was probably just renamed from "EntityClicked" to "EntityClick"
  3. Czech Republic Districts JS entity limit

    Hi Moonmi, thank you for your help. I updated to the version 3.7.1 and now data are displayed correctly, but unfortunatelly EntityClicked listener has stopped to work. I took a look in the documentation and there are listed only following listeners (docs.fusioncharts.com/maps/Contents/javascript/js_event_mouse.html): LegendItemClicked MarkerClicked MarkerRollover MarkerRollout ConnectorClicked ConnectorRollover ConnectorRollout EntityRollover EntityRollout Was "EntityClicked" listener removed during update from v3.3 to 3.7.1 ?