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  1. Hi, I am creating a column 2d graph in my html page and I would like to display some enclosed letters (i.e Ⓑ) in the bar displayvalue attributes. I tried couple ways to include the letters by including the actual letter, using the Hex entity (Ⓐ), and using the Dec entity (Ⓐ). As you can see from my screenshot, I am able to see the enclosed letters properly using all three on the bottom of my page, but in the actual fusioncharts graph I am seeing a blank square and totally different symbols. I believed I followed the instructions in the link below and I am using the data string method to pass in my values. Maybe I am misunderstanding the instructions or these are completely different for what I want to do, but any help/advice would be appreciated! http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/contents/advanced/special-chars/SpChar.html Thanks!