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  1. FusionCharts Exporter Jars For Different Java Versions

    Hi, Can we export all the charts available in a single page (batch export) with this servlet? Regards
  2. Hi, Thanks for the quick reply. Will try it out and let you know the status. Regards prakash
  3. Hi, Thanks for the information. I don't think we can use vLines to solve the problem. Because we want the lines should be placed along with the x-axis values. I mean, we want them as like as the horizontal lines(which usually start at the y-axis values) likewise we want the vertical lines should start at the x-axis values. Regarding the legends.. it prints the legends in separate lines, but they are not aligned properly. I've attached an image for your reference. Regards prakash
  4. Hi Thanks for your reply.. I've attached the xml for your reference. Regards prakash sample.xml
  5. Hi, We are on the process of replacing existing charts in our application with fusion charts. But unfortunately, we are facing the following problems... 1. We are trying to draw vertical div lines in a multiseries combination 2d chart (MSCombi2D.swf) using the attribute numVDivLines. But the divlines are not shown on the chart. We are not sure whether this attribute is supported in combination charts. By the way, we are trying to plot an Area and a Line charts with in this combination chart. 2. Another one is date and time support for x-axis values. Would like to have the feature, so that if I pass the long value of the date, FC will convert the same into date and time format. 3. Would like to control the legends display properly. Meaning, I want to display each and every legends in separate lines. As of now we are forced to change the font size to make it possible. Even if we do that we don't have any control over that to fine tune the legends display properly. Regards prakash