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  1. v.setChartMessage is not a function

    Yes, I received those messages, which clarified your understanding of the issue. But I have no solution. Thank you
  2. I'm upgrading a customer with 2 servers to version 3.12.1 On one server, all is well. But the identical set of files on the 2nd server is failing to produce bar charts, scrollline2d and pie charts (all the XT charts, I think). Widgets and Powecharts work just fine. The Chrome console produces this for each fail: VM1958 fusioncharts.js:924 Uncaught TypeError: v.setChartMessage is not a function at Object.u.createChart (VM1958 fusioncharts.js:924) at z.core.render (VM1958 fusioncharts.js:1927) at Object.render (VM1958 fusioncharts.js:72) at z.core.<anonymous> (VM1958 fusioncharts.js:81) at Object.triggerEvent (VM1958 fusioncharts.js:45) at Object.b.raiseEvent (VM1958 fusioncharts.js:45) at z.core.renderChart (VM1958 fusioncharts.js:81) at z.core.render (VM1958 fusioncharts.js:77) at Function.eval (eval at _eval (a5-41194825.js:248), <anonymous>:44:18) at VM1958 fusioncharts.js:47 What is the fix? I don't know what to do?
  3. v.setChartMessage is not a function

    I could still use some help here please. Thank you.
  4. v.setChartMessage is not a function

    That's you're standard response to nearly every question, isn't it? I have the correct files in place which is why it works on one of the two servers - I know how to do that. And since it works on one of the two servers (as did version 3.9.0 - on both servers) putting a copy into js fiddle - which I have no idea how to do - seems like a waste of time. So: why would I get that error? What causes it?
  5. I'm producing a scatter chart, but random x-axis labels do not show. The label values are clearly present in the JSON. I can reproduce this both on my web site as well is in the FusionCharts js fiddle. Why is this? In the attached image, you'll see that December 06 is missing. But here's the snippet of the JSON that clearly contains it: . . . { "x": "417", "label": " " }, { "x": "439", "label": "06DEC2015" }, { "x": "440", "label": " " }, . . . Thanks.
  6. I've been using Fusioncharts for years. Cannot get a single javascript chart to work and I have 100's to upgrade. What's wrong here? When I try below, I get Console errors in Chrome: FusionCharts.register is not a function FusionCharts.ready is not a function Here's the pertinent code, clipped right out of your documentation (and yes, let's not waste yet another cycle of exchanges asking me if those javascript files are present -- do not insult me). <script type="text/javascript" src="fusionCharts.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="fusionCharts.charts.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="fusionCharts.widgets.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> FusionCharts.ready(function () { var myChart = new FusionCharts({ "type": "column2d", "renderAt": "chartContainer", "width": "500", "height": "300", "dataFormat": "xml", "dataSource": "<chart caption='Harrys SuperMart' subcaption='Monthly revenue for last year' xaxisname='Month' yaxisname='Amount' numberprefix='$' palettecolors='#008ee4' bgalpha='0' borderalpha='20' canvasborderalpha='0' useplotgradientcolor='0' plotborderalpha='10' placevaluesinside='1' rotatevalues='1' valuefontcolor='#ffffff' captionpadding='20' showaxislines='1' axislinealpha='25' divlinealpha='10'><set label='Jan' value='420000' /><set label='Feb' value='810000' /><set label='Mar' value='720000' /><set label='Apr' value='550000' /><set label='May' value='910000' /><set label='Jun' value='510000' /><set label='Jul' value='680000' /><set label='Aug' value='620000' /><set label='Sep' value='610000' /><set label='Oct' value='490000' /><set label='Nov' value='900000' /><set label='Dec' value='730000' /></chart>" }); myChart.render(); }); </script> </head> <body> <div id="chartContainer">FusionCharts whatever will load here!</div> <div id="chart-container">JSON chart here </div> </body>
  7. hbullet chart help please

    I've just upgraded from 3.2.2XT to 3.8, and my hbullet charts aren't rendering. Anyone know what's wrong with this: ? var mychart = new fusioncharts("charts/hbullet.swf", "mychartid2", "350", "50", "0", "1"); mychart.setxmldata("<chart palette='3' lowerlimit='0' upperlimit='5' decimals='0' caption='' subcaption='' numberprefix='' numbersuffix='' showvalue='1'> <colorrange> <color minvalue='0' maxvalue='74.5' code='#a6a6a6'/> <color minvalue='74.5' maxvalue='231.5' code='#cccccc'/> <color minvalue='231.5' maxvalue='270' code='#e1e1e1'/> </colorrange> <value>127</value> </chart>"); I've tried all differentways of referencing the chart -- with the path, without it, with the .swf extension, without it,etc. But I'm also not sure that's the problem. Thanks.
  8. hbullet chart help please

    Edit - well, never mind I guess. I have no idea what I've now done differently, but it works and I don't even care why. ------------ I have pasted exactly what you show here, yet nothing shows up. Here is what I find in Chrome's Firebug: <div id="77882372b49f4e6ba1c17b40193f0de8"></div> <script type="text/javascript"> var mychart = new FusionCharts("charts/hbullet.swf", "mychartid2", "350", "50", "0", "1"); mychart.setXMLData("<chart palette='3' lowerlimit='0' upperlimit='5' decimals='0' caption='' subcaption='' numberprefix='' numbersuffix='' showvalue='1'> <colorrange><color minvalue='0' maxvalue='74.5' code='#a6a6a6'/> <color minvalue='74.5' maxvalue='231.5' code='#cccccc'/> <color minvalue='231.5' maxvalue='270' code='#e1e1e1'/></colorrange><value>127</value></chart>"); myChart.render("77882372b49f4e6ba1c17b40193f0de8"); </script>
  9. No charts on iPad

    At the advice of FusionCharts representatives, I upgraded from 3.2.2XT to 3.8. I had some expectations based on all my contacts with the company that this would fix whatever was preventing chart display on iPads. The problem remains. Where a chart is to be displayed, we instead have the message "Chart Type Not Supported". This is for any of the charts we have, which work well on non-iPad browsers. What can I do to fix this please?
  10. Stopped Working On Ipad

    FusionCharts XT was working well on my iPads, but now they don't and I don't know why. Pie Charts and Angular Gauges don't load: just show a "Loading chart, please wait" message. Line charts show everything except the line. They've been working fine for months. I did download and install the latest version of the .js files that belong in the webroot, but that had no effect. Charts continue to work well in other browsers such as Firefox and Chrome. No amount of googling or anything else has turned up an answer. Help!
  11. Stopped Working On Ipad

    Update: I've now downloaded - again - the very latest .js and charts, and now I just get blank space -- not even the "Loading chart" message. I tried forcing the javascript loading, but that made no difference. I cannot emphasize enough how quickly I need to resolve this. This is not just an inconvenience.
  12. Angular Gauge Adjusts Upperlimit When Value Is Whole Number

    Any further news on when a fix will be available? It's been a few months now, and it's past time for my site to be displaying a correct chart. Thank you.
  13. Yup. I just spent 3 hours trying to make it work following the documentation. I'm glad I finally turned to this forum to find the solution. BTW, I've found several documentation errors as I work my way through; when I get time I'll try to write them down and get 'em to you. - Steve