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  1. Hi Arka, I'm still having issues with this chart. I only have 20 records in my list. The problem seems to be when trying to group by the calculated week ending date column. When I use this column, the chart pulls in a large amount of data from columns not selected for this chart. If there were a 'week' selection in the grouping option, I wouldn't need the calculated field. It seems every other time grouping option is there other than week. Can this option be added? Thanks, -Blake.
  2. Hi there, When i try to group by a date column that is calculated to show week ending dates, I get an error that says the I have provided a large data set with more than 250 plotting points. If I use a non-calculated date column (the source for the calculation), I don't get this error. Can you either add 'week' to the 'group by' drop down, or suggest a way that I can get this to work? Thanks, -Blake.