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  1. Currently in Pie Charts when you hover over a pie you get to see the values as percentages as shown in the attached picture. We are wondering whether there is anyway we can render these percentages by default, so that when users print the screen the values shows-up on the printout. Thanks for your earliest response. Regards, vinoo
  2. Thanks for the info Angshu. Using StackedBar3D.swf solved my problem. vinoo
  3. I'm trying to render a Horizontal stacked bar chart as show in Hstacked.png that is attached. Looked at the Sample XML for the same Chart displayed at But for some reason when I render the chart it it is not rendering Horizontaly. Not sure what was going on. I was using StackedColumn3D.swf for the Chart type. <chart palette='2' caption='Product Comparison' showLabels='1' showvalues='0' numberPrefix='$' showSum='1' decimals='0' useRoundEdges='1' legendBorderAlpha='0'> <categories> <category label='Product A' /> <category label='Product B' /> <category label='Product C' /> <category label='Product D' /> <category label='Product E' /> </categories> <dataset seriesName='2004' color='AFD8F8' showValues='0'> <set value='25601.34' /> <set value='20148.82' /> <set value='17372.76' /> <set value='35407.15' /> <set value='38105.68' /> </dataset> <dataset seriesName='2005' color='F6BD0F' showValues='0'> <set value='57401.85' /> <set value='41941.19' /> <set value='45263.37' /> <set value='117320.16' /> <set value='114845.27' /> </dataset> <dataset seriesName='2006' color='8BBA00' showValues='0'> <set value='45000.65' /> <set value='44835.76' /> <set value='18722.18' /> <set value='77557.31' /> <set value='92633.68' /> </dataset> </chart>
  4. Links Support In Gauges

    Thanks Angshu. I was able to get the links working with pointers in Linear Gauge. But we figured this is not exactly what we wanted to do. For our use case, we want to allow users to click on the regions itself, instead of having to click the pointer. eg: We will be rendering "High Medium Low" percentage buckets and allow the user to drill down on a particular bucket to see the details. This lead us to try LED Gauge in place of Linear Gauge. But here also, we did not see the link property option ( Javascript ). So can you please let us know whether link property is supported in LED gauges? If so can you provide us a sample. Appreciate all your help. Thanks vinoo
  5. Links Support In Gauges

    Thanks Radis. I was able to get the Javascript working with Angular Guage ( Dials ). However the same approach did not for the linearGauge. Here is the XML I used with HLinearGauge.swf chart type, <chart lowerLimit="0" upperLimit="100" showTickMarks="1" numberSuffix="%25" decimalPrecision="0" ledGap="0" ledSize="2" ledBoxBgColor="333333" ledBorderColor="666666" borderThickness="5" chartLeftMargin="25" chartRightMargin="25" baseFontColor="333333" ticksBelowGauge="0"> <colorRange> <color minValue="0" maxValue="30" code="FF0000" link='j-mytestJS-test1, 135'/> <color minValue="30" maxValue="50" code="FFFF00" link='j-mytestJS-test2, 235'/> <color minValue="50" maxValue="100" code="00FF00" link='j-mytestJS-test3, 435'/> </colorRange> </chart> Thanks vinoo
  6. Is it possible to support links in Gauges, like in other Fusion Charts types, eg: set label="Password Reset Request" value="1" isSliced="0" link="JavaScript:myJS('Password Reset Request,1');" /> I'm trying to implement a Drill-down functionality from a Gauge in our application. And I was not able to find a way. Appreciate any help. Thanks. vinoo