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  1. Is there a way that can be run on a Macintosh? All our development environments are Macintoshes.
  2. Hello, It seems that with column and bar chart (combination/2d/3d) on IE11 we are seeing black and white upon export. We are using the batik-rasterizer and this works in all other browsers just fine. Not sure what exactly is going on here we are on fusion charts v3.8.0. It looks like there was a similar issue a few years ago here: I've attached the IE XML and a chrome XML of the same chart (3D bar). Thanks! - Mark internetExplorer.xml chrome.xml
  3. Hey guys! So our company has been using fusion charts 3.2.2 for awhile now, however, it's time to upgrade. First, I noticed in the readme that the export functionality only works on Windows/Linux. Are there any plans to extend this to Macintosh as that is what we use for development (our deployment is Linux so for now we have to manage)? The version 3.2.2 with the fcexporter.jar file works fine on Macintosh but not the latest greatest. We are currently using the free trial while we wait for our company to purchase the the library. Second, Do you by chance have any coding examples of using FCExporter? Currently we are using a JSP as our exportHandler and using PDFGenerator/ImageGenerator/etc.. from the old 1.0 fcexporter.jar, these are no longer available and now it looks like we only have FCExporter to use. Yes I know there is the example on your website to use the .war file, edit our web.xml and watch the magic happen from there, but we need control over what happens so this won't work for us. I have attached the old jar we are using. If I can provide any more information let me know! (e.g. our jsp code we are using with the older version). Looking forward to your help! - Mark