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  1. Thank you for the notification, much appreciated!
  2. Dear Prerana, Thank you for your feedback! Unfortunately, your proposed solution would not work in our situation. As I mentioned in my first post, we obtain the JSON chart data through an Ajax call, i.e. asynchronously. Therefore, calling render() after setJSONData() will not accomplish much. An example can be seen in this fiddle, where I take the liberty of using setTimeout() to simulate the asynchronous behavior of an Ajax call: While I could call render() inside the timeout callback, doing so seems undesirable. We sometimes push new data to an existing chart, so having render() inside the Ajax callback would force FusionCharts to redraw the entire chart, even though we only want to update the chart's data. Moreover, it seems strange that only the angular gauge dial is not updated properly after calling setJSONData() - the other chart types we support do not suffer from any such issues after receiving new JSON data. Eagerly awaiting your feedback! Kind regards, Remy
  3. Greetings! We have encountered an issue while upgrading from FusionCharts 3.3.1 SR1 to FusionCharts 3.11. We use an approach where we first render an empty chart, then obtain chart data through an Ajax call, and finally set this data through the setJSONData() function. Previously, this approach seemed to work without issue. However, after updating to FusionCharts 3.11, the angular gauge dial no longer moves to the appropriate location. I have created a fiddle that showcases this issue: Would this be considered a bug? We can work around the issue by calling render() on the chart again, but this feels a bit hacky. Kind regards, Remy
  4. Dear Prerana, Thank you for your feedback! While trying to work around the issue, I found another couple of quirks that may be considered bugs. When I introduce a horizontal scrollbar in the Gantt pane, it seems that a vertical scrollbar always appears as well. This happens even if the Gantt chart has more than enough height to function properly without such a vertical scrollbar. An example can be seen in this fiddle. To me, it would seem more logical to simply reduce the height of each row by a little bit. Furthermore, the horizontal scrollbar cuts off part of the last row. This even occurs if you disable vertical scrolling! It is particularly bothersome if your rows have a relatively low height, as part of the process text will not be visible. An example can be seen in this fiddle, which is actually part of the fiddle gallery on the main website. The issue also occurs if the horizontal scrollbar is attached to the gantt pane, rather than to the process / data table section. Unless there is a workaround, this issue would prevent us from updating to version 3.11. Hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards, Remy
  5. Dear Prerana, Thank you for your feedback. Since we show a dynamic amount of categories, I guess we should only set ganttPaneDuration if the amount exceeds our predefined maximum of eleven, and leave it alone otherwise. This way, the scrollbar will only be visible if there is something to scroll around. We should be able to make this work. I did notice a small graphical glitch that is not present in 3.8 - the right edge of the categories does not line up very well with the lines in the Gantt pane. This can also be observed in your fiddle: Adjusting the chart's height (or various other properties) seems to rectify the issue, so at least we can work around it. Still, might be worth looking into. Kind regards, Remy
  6. Dear Prerana, Thank you for your feedback. You seem to imply that Gantt Charts are currently working as intended (even though behavior is different compared to FusionCharts 3.8). We can work around the changed behavior by setting ganttPaneDuration to 11 when we want to show information for eleven or more hours, and to a smaller number if we want to show information for fewer hours. However, while doing so, I ran into another issue. Your fiddle shows information for eleven months. I would expect that all the information will fit in the Gantt pane if I set ganttPaneDuration to 11. However, after doing so, a non-functional horizontal scrollbar remains visible. Because the horizontal scrollbar takes up some height, a vertical scrollbar seems to be introduced as well. This looks less nice than FusionCharts 3.8, where no scrollbars would be present. Would this perhaps be a bug? Or can this issue be worked around? Kind regards, Remy
  7. Greetings, I encountered a potential issue regarding the ganttPaneDuration property. We are using a Gantt Chart that, based on other variables, displays a variable amount of hours. We set ganttPaneDuration to 11 so that the chart would never show information for more than eleven hours at once. Sometimes, the chart would only have to show information for, say, eight hours. Previously (under FusionCharts 3.8) this would result in the eight columns stretching to take up all available width, which we considered to be highly desirable. After updating to FusionCharts 3.11, however, the columns no longer seem to stretch! An example of the faulty behavior can be seen in this modified fiddle: Observe how there is a lot of whitespace in the gantt pane. Hopefully you can confirm whether or not this is a bug. Kind regards, Remy
  8. Dear Moonmi, Thank you very much. Kind regards, Remy
  9. Dear Moonmi, I was able to reproduce the problem using FusionCharts 3.8.0. The "jsfiddle" I referenced in my previous post also uses this version. Kind regards, Remy
  10. Greetings, I may have encountered a bug related to Gantt charts. Android and iOS respond different to links attached to processes: an Android user will only have to tap the process once to activate the link, whereas an iOS user will have to tap the process twice to do so. I have adjusted one of your chart fiddles to demonstrate the problem: As you can see, I have replaced one of the original processes with the text "Click me!" and a link that triggers a JavaScript alert. On an Android device, you will only have to tap "Click me!" once to activate the alert, whereas iOS users will have to tap it twice. Naturally, we would like our application to behave consistently across mobile operating systems. Kind regards, Remy
  11. Greetings, I seem to have encountered a bug involving Gantt charts and trendlines: the portion of a trendline's "displayValue" that is located underneath the column with process names is cut off. I have adjusted one of your chart fiddles to demonstrate the problem: As you can see, the text "Testing Start" is only partially displayed. Kind regards, Remy