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  1. 'link' error in IE 5.5, 6.0

    FusionTeam... Can you post the code for the link click event that calls the getURL? what I am interested in is the "F-frameName" section. It seems to work when the standard one does not. I wanted to see what the differences are between that and what we have, and see if I can modify it to handle the divides that we are using. Thanks
  2. 'link' error in IE 5.5, 6.0

    What I am thinking it might be is a problem with the Content-Type. To download I change the content type, however it doesn't get changed back. And I got the same error with IE trying to block the download, which makes me think that the content type is still trying to DL. I just can't figure out how to set it back, to see if that fixes it. If you find a solution please let me know, I've staring at this off and on for the last week. What have you tried? And do you have any other ideas? Thanks.
  3. 'link' error in IE 5.5, 6.0

    That would be too easy . I would but this system is on a local network. I have figured out that it is a problem with all of the getURL calls I have on my pages, including the ones in other flash movies (not just the FusionCharts). I know this isn't too helpful. What events could cause a getURL call to stop working? If you have any specific questions I can give you answers, or suggestions I can try them out and reply with the results. I'll try writing a dummy program that I can share on here. When I get that done I'll let you know Thanks
  4. Error only appears in IE I have two separate items that seem to be interacting in a weird way when they shouldn't affect each other at all. I have a link that downloads a file to the user's machine, and then I have both a fusion pie chart and a fusion column chart. The column and pie charts have links on the columns and slices that update the page. The column chart and pie chart work perfectly when I have not clicked the Download button. However if I have clicked the Download button (just a simple html link calling a cgi script) then the pie chart links and column chart links break. I have tried replacing the link within the fusion charts with just "" and still have the same error. <-- not a javascript error I have tried creating a separate link in html with the exact same path as the column/pie links and I do not encounter this same problem. This link works just like I had not clicked the Download button. (this actually makes it so the columns and slices become clickable again) <-- says there isn't an error in the link I have also tried opening the download link in a new window, this works fine, the column/pie links stay intact however this is not an acceptable solution. (last resort) To save the file I am using a "Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=....". If this is removed the error seems to disappear. However it also removes the ability to save the file. Is this a bug in the fusion chart? or can anyone help me with a workaround? I can tell you more if you have any specific questions. Thanks