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  1. Multiaxis Inverse?

    If i used the MSCombi2D chart, can I create the effect of an inverse Y axis by using labels to format the Y axis? Basically, the Y axis is 1 to 100 (from bottom to top) but i don't show 1 to 100 and instead use labels to show 100 to 1. Is this possible? How would it look visually? This is a very important function. BTW, when is your next release coming out?
  2. Hi, I noticed that tooltips only appear when you hover over the anchor, this is very slow for the user when they are looking at line charts (anchors are a small point). Most charting solutions allow the tooltip to appear whenever you hover over the line and it will show the tooltip whose anchor is closest to the mouse cursor. This is very important for usability. Is there some way to do this? Thanks,
  3. Multiaxis Inverse?

    Hi, I need to have a chart with 2 different Y Axis, one being a regular 1 to 100 (bottom to top) and another one inverted 1 to 200 (top to bottom). I see a multiaxis line and a inverse chart, but is there some way to use 1 chart to accomplish this? Can this be done? Thanks,