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  1. Help with Grouping

    Since this wsp was deployed/redeployed many times on the same servers for testing purposes, we ended up re-deploying it on a clean slate, and all the issues with grouping were resolved.
  2. Help with Grouping

    Is this a product defect for this version 2.07.2? What's the work around?
  3. Help with Grouping To download the newest version does my organization have to pay additional costs? It doesn't look like they purchased the Support and Upgrade package with their licenses, and it's not likely that this will happen.
  4. I have multiple charts created for metrics on a list, to pull different metrics. Some work exactly as I want the too, but 2 in particular are not displaying on the horizontal axis correctly. Example. I have a column called Priority that is a mandatory field with 3 choices. I want to show the count of each choice. I select Title and Priority as my field choices. I group by Priority and choose Title with count option for my series. Instead of displaying a count for Routine, Medium, High. It does not display a count of anything, and the horizontal axis has High, High, High, High, High, Routine, Routine, Routine, Routine, Routine, Medium, Medium etc.. With no data. Now if I go to the list view for priority on my sharepoint page it shows exactly what I want with out the chart( Routine 50, High 10, Medium 29). What's wrong? Is there a specific way to create a SharePoint view to get it to work correctly with the charts?