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  1. Hi, The thing is i have to create a separate pluggable component where database connectivity parameters are to be accessed for fetching data from the database and then generating the xml file.Suppose if i pluggin this component to any exisitng application where database connection parameters are already defined then how will this component access those connectivity parameters?
  2. Hi, How can I provide the backend processing like database connectivity,fetching data and transforming data into xml format outside the jsp?
  3. Example (Code) for Charts using AJAX

    Actually I am looking for creating of chart based on change in input values from forms during runtime using ajax+jsp+javascript. I couldnt find any examples for that.
  4. I want to create an application component which will do all the things for rendering fusion chart in jsp like taking data from database,converting it into XML and rendering fusion chart based on the xml data and the swf file.This whole component I want to just pluggin into a website so that just by providing a link for the component I can get to see the chart in the website. How can I go about it?