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  1. Hi, I have the Fusion Widgets XT in my project to create Gantt Charts. But the charts was built to use flash (As you can see below), and now, i need migrate those charts to use java script. But i didn't find any example about it. <script type="text/javascript"> if(FusionCharts( "ChartReportId")) { FusionCharts("ChartReportId").dispose(); } var chart = new FusionCharts("http://#{facesContext.externalContext.request.serverName}:#{facesContext.externalContext.request.serverPort}#{facesContext.externalContext.requestContextPath}/resources/Fusion Widgets XT/Enterprise/3.2/Charts/Gantt.swf", "ChartReportId", "100%", "#{controllerParam.ganttHeight}", "0", "1" ); chart.setXMLData("#{controllerParam.xmlData}"); chart.render("chartdiv"); </script> Could anyone help me?