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  1. Hi Experts, We are using fusion charts in our product. We are exporting chart in pdf format at client side. Our application is secured through CSP headers. We are facing some issues while exporting chart in pdf format when - Our website is launched in another website using iFrame. - Export is not working for firefox only while in Chrome and IE it works fine. Following exception is being thrown at console: Content Security Policy: The page’s settings blocked the loading of a resource at data:application/pdf;base64,JVBERi0xLjcK... (“default-src self ...”). Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks, Amjad Aziz
  2. Export pdf | Quality

    Hi Experts, I am using fusioncharts and exporting chart at client side. I am facing quality issue with pdf/png. The exported/resulted chart is slightly blur. While svg format is not blur. I want to ask is it by design, or is there any sort of configuration to achieve quality as in svg format. I also noticed same issue in fusioncharts examples. Your suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks, Amjad
  3. Hi, I am new to FusionCharts, I want to customize FusionCharts like palettes, background colors, fonts etc. I can customize through themes, JSON/XML configuration while creating the charts. I want to do these customization through CSS classes. Is there any way to achieve this? or I have to go with themes and JSON configuration ? Thanks in advance