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  1. Got it with an hbullet chart.
  2. Hello, I'm trying to create an updateable diagram which looks like this example. Currently I'm experimenting with the linear gauge widget and set two different color ranges dependent on the value. However, it seems like the pointer is mandatory and can't be hidden. What kind of chart/widget would you suggest for this?
  3. Hi Moonmi, thank you - this works like a charm!
  4. Hello, happy new year! I've got an angular gauge with 1 dial. It gets new data every 0.2s in the range between 0 and 10. While the value below pivot always shows the correct value, the pivot only moves slowly between 4 and 8 back and forth. I guess there's an animation speed which makes the pivot too slow to stay with the current value. While setting "animation":"0" works, it doesn't look smooth, though. I want to try setting the animation speed to 200ms instead. Is that possible? Kind regards