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  1. Hi all I need to take a fusion chart that was original made to be a fixed height and width and make it dynamic to its container. That is if the container expands the chart will re-render for the new size. Iv'e managed to get the actual gauge chart to do this however the annotations under it im struggling with. They need to sit below the chart and center align to its width. Iv'e attached what it looked like originally and how far ive managed to get. I still need to work on getting the needle to scale also. As you can see the annotations are still in a fixed position. There is allot of tags in the XML to style it but the main thing i did to get the gauge to re-size was to remove the tags: gaugeOriginX, gaugeOriginY and gaugeOuterRadius. Ive seen the chartBottomMargin tag which would allow me to specify a fixed margin at the bottom for the annotations to sit in but here lies my main question. Is it possible to specify a percentage of the available space for the chart and annotations. Then have FusionCharts scale everything appropriately? Otherwise You could end up with a really large chart and really small text under it. If not i'm still stuck on how to make the annotations sit under the chart and center on its width. Any help would be greatly appritiated. Here's the XML for the annotations: <annotations > <annotationGroup xPos='180' yPos='100' showBelowChart='1'> <annotation type='text' fontColor='777777' label='Taken:' xPos='0' yPos='0' align='center' fontFace='Verdana' isBold='1'/> <annotation type='text' fontColor='777777' label='Remaining:' xPos='0' yPos='20' align='center' fontFace='Verdana' isBold='1'/> </annotationGroup > </annotations > I can post the entirety of the XML if needed but it is quite ugly with lots of tags.