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  1. Apply scroll from one chart to multiple charts

    Yes, just few minutes ago I found solution. I have one array with several FC objects and, I'm going with loop through that array and set every chart in array scroll position. this.chartObject.addEventListener('scrollEnd', function (eo, ao) { scrollPosition = 0.6782364 - in my example for (var i = 0; i < self.chartObjects.length; i++) { chartObjects.setChartAttribute('scrollToEnd', ao.scrollPosition); } }); Thanks Ayan
  2. Apply scroll from one chart to multiple charts

    Hi Ayan, is there any chart property for setting bar position or scroll end?
  3. Hi, I have two charts one above another and both of them are scroll stacked column charts. When I do a scroll on one chart I need to set position of scroller of another chart at same position as it at first chart. My question is can I make scroll on one chart and that scroll apply on another charts also and how I can do that if its possible? Im using 3.9 version of FC
  4. Hi, is there any possibility to change programmatically link chart attribute value, something like we can with parent (main) chart like this: chartObject.setChartAttribute("showValues","1"). At this moment I go to chartConfig and set for linked chart attribute value, but I need to go back at parent chart and go again to child chart to see changes.