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  1. Example (Code) for Charts using AJAX

    But these are not AJAX examples, no? Just normal Javascript ones. There is no direct Javascript interaction with the server, as I can see it... Please correct me if I am wrong.
  2. "getChartFromID is not defined"

    Are there any existing examples with AJAX? So that one can reuse the code? Thanks for any hints!
  3. "getChartFromID is not defined"

    I've implemented an automatic call of the update function, so that it displays every second or so the selected variables with another year. Is there a way to avoid that the whole chart is being reloaded? It looks a bit ugly and is surely pretty tiresome. Here is again the URL. And then click on "automatic change" above the listing of the years. Thanks for any advice!
  4. Text as Chart Background

    Hi, is it possible to display text or a number as the chart background? So, because in my app one can chose between many years for a given variable, it would be a nice feature to be able to display the year in the center of the graph, in large letters and slightly grayed out or in opacity. Thanks for any advice. Stef
  5. "getChartFromID is not defined"

    Wow, that's it!! Great. Thanks a lot!! Stef
  6. "getChartFromID is not defined"

    Thanks a lot for having a look. But I don't see a difference between my code and yours above... Stef
  7. "getChartFromID is not defined"

    Ok, so here is the URL. And at the bottom of the page is the link "year before", which calls the updateChart function. Thanks for any clarification! Stef
  8. "getChartFromID is not defined"

    Unfortunately not, as it is installed only locally... I can see if I can switch it over to the production machine however...
  9. "getChartFromID is not defined"

    It is correctly included... Stef
  10. "getChartFromID is not defined"

    Thanks, but no change, same error message...
  11. Hi there, I am using the example "Combining FusionCharts, PHP & Javascript (dataURL) method". But for the var chartObj = getChartFromId("name_of_chart"); I get the error: getChartFromID is not defined My code is: < div id="chartdiv" align="center"> .... javascript opening here.... var chart = new FusionCharts("http://localhost/etc/FusionCharts_Evaluation/Charts/Bubble.swf", "ChartId", "1000", "700", "0", "0"); chart.setDataURL("<?php echo $strDataURL; ?>"); chart.render("chartdiv"); function updateChart(year) { var strURL = "graph_scatter-data.php?selectedID=1510&selectedYear=" + year + "&xaxis="; strURL = unescape(strURL); var chartObj = getChartFromID("ChartId"); alert(chartObj); chartObj.setDataURL(strURL); } .... javascript close here.... < a href="#" onclick="updateChart('1995');">older year< /a> I tried it both with "ChartID" and "chartdiv", but neither worked. (I guess ChartID should be the right one.) Can you help me?
  12. Hi there, are there any examples of charts using AJAX for generating graphs without the need of reloading the whole page? If possible with the used code? I am not a big Javascript/AJAX programmer, so I would like to reuse some code to achieve that... Thanks for any help! Stef
  13. Change X-Axis Variable via SELECT box

    ah.... is this the example for it: ?
  14. Hi, I have a scatter plot where I would like to offer the possibility to change the x-axis variable. The default is GDP, but the user could choose as well Population or Fish Catch. One could do it by adding below the graph an HTML SELECT box with the available variables. But I would prefer to have the box within the graph area - looks much nicer. Is there any possibility to achieve this? Thanks for any hints! Stef ____________________________________________________________________ Lean Back and Relax - Enjoy some Nature Photography: Appetite for Global Data? UNEP GEO Data Portal: ____________________________________________________________________
  15. Difference in Axis Titles Style?

    Hi there, although I was first using the default styles for the x- and y-axis titles, then changed to custom STYLES - both axis titles set to the same style - it looks as if the vertical title isn't bold, but the xaxis title is. How comes, as they are supposed to display the same way? Thanks for any hints! Stef