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  1. Hi Guys, Since I am also using ColdFusion I was able to utilize the #getTickCount#. Here is the code that works for me... param name="FlashVars" value="&dataURL=chartxml/data2.xml?nocache=#GetTickCount()#&chartWidth=900&chartHeight=300" Thank you for your help, Eric
  2. Hi Mark, Thank you for the fix, however as I am sure your aware that only works in IE and not other OS's or browsers. Like yourself, I refuse to believe there is not a fix for this. I must be doing something wrong with the NOCACHE line?? Browsers I must support; Windows: IE 7, IE 8, Firefox MAC: Firefox, Safari Linux: Firefox, Opera I will keep in touch and let you as soon as I stumble across anything that is helpful... Have a great day, Eric
  3. Hi Madhumita, I am using the following; param name="FlashVars" value="&dataURL=Data.xml&nocache="+ new Date().valueOf())"&chartWidth=900&chartHeight=300" Thank you, Eric
  4. I am also have trouble with the caching of XML chart data, for IE and Firefox. I am using the object tag to embed the charts... The NOCACHE entry did not work for me, so I removed it here My XML file changes every 5 minutes, so I need my charts to read the new XML file. What is the best way to disable the flash cache and enforce a fresh chart everytime the page is viewed? Thank you and have a great day, Eric
  5. Hi, I am attempting to get the Server-side Exporting to Image/PDF working and have trouble finding the CFM ExportHandlers. The FusionCharts documentation states five supported technologies, however it appears the CFM files are missing from the install. What am I missing? Thank you, Eric