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  1. I'm sure I'm just missing something from a procedure standpoint, but I'm looking for some assistance in formatting the array string for a Stacked Column, where all data is derived from MySQL. I've verified that my query is returning all the correct results and I can echo them all out independently....I just can't figure out the correct order to build the array to render the chart. Here's what I've got so far: $categoryArray=array(); $seriesnameArray=array(); $seriesdataArray=array(); while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result)) { array_push($categoryArray, array( "label" => "YTD" ) ); array_push($seriesnameArray, array( $row["buying_channel"], "value" => $row["pct_of_incidents"] ) ); //array_push($seriesdataArray, array( // "value" => $row["pct_of_incidents"] // ) // ); // } $arrData["categories"]=array(array("category"=>$categoryArray)); $arrData["dataset"]=array(array("seriesname"=>$seriesnameArray)); // $arrData["data"]= array(array($seriesdataArray)); This produces the following array: "data":[],"categories":[{"category":[{"label":"YTD"},{"label":"YTD"},{"label":"YTD"},{"label":"YTD"},{"label":"YTD"}]}],"dataset":[{"seriesname":[{"0":"In Club","value":"0.5192"},{"0":"Online","value":"0.4338"},{"0":"Transfer","value":"0.0263"},{"0":"Auction","value":"0.0117"},{"0":"Social Media","value":"0.0091"}]}]} What I can't figure out is how to insert the "Data[]" attribute for each seriesname. Currently it's producing a "0" value for each entry and I can't figure out where it's derived from. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!