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  1. When trying to use the drawCustomLegndIcon property for the scrollcombidy2d chart, although it is listed under its properties, doesn't seem to have any effect on its legends. From my understanding, while experimenting with several types of charts, this property only seems to currently work with charts that have uniform type of legends. If that is indeed the case, is there currently a way around it, or any future plans of implementing the feature for combinational legend charts? Also it would be a great feature if one could modify legend icons independently, through their corresponding datasets.
  2. I came across this issue, using the $dataValue with line or area charts doesn’t print any value, although in the Tooltips macro description under the Applicable charts it includes the exact same list with the $value macro which works fine with line and area charts. Using "plottooltext":"<div>$label<br/>$seriesName:$dataValue</div>" via the chart or "tooltext":"<div>$label<br/>$seriesName:$dataValue</div>" in the individual dataset both work perfectly fine with bar("column") charts but produce a empty string for line and area charts. One has simply to change the graph type with renderAs to observe the above results. The lack of this feature is a major work load issue, as it forces you to virtually transfer and rewrite all your customisations regarding your data on the specific chart tooltip, rendering the commands regarding decimals, separators and any other number formatting pointless, as you will be forced to manually format your data upon passing them to your dataset. Please advise, as to if there is a workaround on this or if I have misunderstood the usage of the specific macro. In any case thank you for providing us with this great tool.