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  1. setDataURL method does not refresh data

    Hi Pallav, I have managed to fix this in IE6 and IE7 by upgrading the flash plugin (minor update 9.02 to 9.04). How ever the same solution does not work for FireFox. For your information I attached the DEBUG output in FireFox. I am guessing this is a plugin issue. Thanks very much, -nathaniel DEBUG STACK: Info: Chart loaded and initialized. Initial Width: 1000 Initial Height: 900 Scale Mode: noScale Debug Mode: Yes Application Message Language: EN Version: 3.0.3 Chart Type: Single Series 3D Column Chart Chart Objects: BACKGROUND CANVAS CAPTION SUBCAPTION YAXISNAME XAXISNAME DIVLINES YAXISVALUES DATALABELS DATAVALUES TRENDLINES TRENDVALUES DATAPLOT TOOLTIP VLINES INFO: XML Data provided using dataURL method. dataURL provided: Data1.xml dataURL invoked: Data1.xml XML Data: <chart caption="Monthly Sales Summary" subcaption="For the year 2006" xAxisName="Month" yAxisName="Sales" numberPrefix="$"><set label="January" value="18400" /><set label="February" value="23800" /><set label="March" value="25800" /><set label="April" value="23800" /><set label="May" value="29600" /><set label="June" value="34600" /><set label="July" value="36800" /><set label="August" value="29700" /><set label="September" value="17800" /><set label="October" value="23900" /><set label="November" value="22900" /><set label="December" value="17800" /></chart>
  2. Hi, When we use the setDataURL method (..Column3d.swf?dataURL=Newdata.xml) and have acquired some problems where we see that the new data is loaded but the bar graphics are not redrawn after we send the new data. In other words, after we reload the data (using ..Column3d.swf?dataURL=Newdata.xml) the data labels are refreshed correctly, but the column bars are not redrawn. This did not work for us both in Flex and plain HTML page. We also examined the HTML/Javascript example application in the documentation in ...JavaScriptBasicsChangeDataURL.html, and are getting the JS exception "Object doesn't support this property or method" line 21. We tried this on several different machines and browsers. Thanks, Nathaniel