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  1. Hi, Would you please be so kind to attach the Javascript file you mention in this post ? I have downloaded the latest version 3.1.1 from the site, replace my fusionmaps.js with the new version, but while the modified fusioncharts seems to work, the fusionmaps.js does not. Thanks in advance, Erik
  2. I will try this, but if it behaves as the FusionCharts, this will not work. I tried the z-index before I went looking on your site for a solution ( and found the above new Javascript file ). This new Javascript file solves the problem, but the FusionMaps on the pages are still ABOVE anything else ( mostly my fixed header ). You can see this here : http://www.staplijst.be/wandelingen-per-provincie.asp Mind you: this is a page without the z-index for the FusionMaps ! I will try and change this at the end of the day ( it's now 9 AM here ).
  3. Hi, just want to tell you that this works perfectly ! Thanks very much. Do you have something similar for FusionMaps ? My charts at stapijst.be all now are scrolling behind my top banner, but my maps aren't. See one of the pages at this site : page with Charts and Maps. Thanks in advance for any advice you might provide.
  4. This is indeed a know problem, which has been fixed for me (but they did not include the updated map in the latest release). Please send me an email at erik . delaet @ edelcom . be and I will be glad to send you the updated file (presuming that I don't get an email from the guys at FustionCharts that I may not do it ). Erik
  5. Error in map for Belgium

    Just to inform you that the (corrected) map of Belgium I received a few months ago is NOT included in the latest release I downloaded last Friday (i.e. the problem mentioned before with Luxembourg is back.
  6. Hi, As far as I can tell, you are missing two departments in the FCMap_FranceDepartment.swf file: - Val-de-Marne - Seine-Saint-Denis thanks for a great product, Erik
  7. Error in map for Belgium

    Thanks for the reply ... I have sent an email to support ... and will ajust my range values. Erik
  8. Error in map for Belgium

    Hi, can you please look at the following javascript (automatically generated by code to display values in the Belgium map). map_FusionMap1.setDataXML("<map borderColor='005879' fillAlpha='70' dfillColor='D7F4FF' fillColor='eeeeee' animation='1' showLabels='1' includeNameInLabels='0' includeValueInLabels='1' showBevel='1' showvalues='1' baseFontSize='9' formatNumberScale='0' formatNumber='1' numberPrefix='' numberSuffix='' decimalSeparator=',' thousandSeparator='.' inThousandSeparator=',' inDecimalSeparator='.' decimals='0' forceDecimals='1' showAlternateHGridColor='1' alternateHGridColor='808080' galpha='0' bgAlpha='10,10' canvasPadding='10' canvasBorderColor='333333' canvasBorderThickness='0' numVDivLines='0' vDivLineIsDashed='1' vDivLineDashLen='2' vDivLineDashGap='2' adjustDiv='0' slabelDisplay='Stagger' labelDisplay='WRAP' showShadow='1' showCanvasBorder='0' showLegend='1' legendPosition='Bottom' ><colorRange><color minValue='0' maxValue='5' displayValue='tot 5' color='ff0000' /> <color minValue='6' maxValue='10' displayValue='tot 10' color='ff8000' /> <color minValue='11' maxValue='25' displayValue='tot 25' color='ffff00' /> <color minValue='26' maxValue='50' displayValue='tot 50' color='80ff80' /> <color minValue='51' maxValue='100' displayValue='tot 100' color='008080' /> <color minValue='101' maxValue='250' displayValue='tot 250' color='0080ff' /> <color minValue='251' maxValue='100000' displayValue='rest' color='800000' /> </colorRange> <entityDef> <entity internalId='01' newId='1'/> <entity internalId='02' newId='3'/> <entity internalId='03' newId='5'/> <entity internalId='04' newId='4'/> <entity internalId='05' newId='6'/> <entity internalId='06' newId='7'/> <entity internalId='07' newId='8'/> <entity internalId='08' newId='11'/> <entity internalId='09' newId='10'/> <entity internalId='010' newId='2'/> <entity internalId='011' newId='9'/> </entityDef> <data><entity id='1' value='257' displayValue='Antw 257' toolText='257' /><entity id='2' value='100' displayValue='Brus 100' toolText='100' /><entity id='3' value='66' displayValue='Hene 66' toolText='66' /><entity id='4' value='77' displayValue='Limb 77' toolText='77' /><entity id='5' value='86' displayValue='Luik 86' toolText='86' /><entity id='6' value='15' displayValue='Luxe 15' toolText='15' /><entity id='7' value='48' displayValue='Name 48' toolText='48' /><entity id='8' value='104' displayValue='Oost 104' toolText='104' /><entity id='9' value='70' displayValue='Vlaa 70' toolText='70' /><entity id='10' value='37' displayValue='Waal 37' toolText='37' /><entity id='11' value='83' displayValue='West 83' toolText='83' /></data></map>"); You will notice two problems: 1/ the region Luxemburg is empty on the map , although it should display a value of 15 : <entity id='6' value='15' displayValue='Luxe 15' toolText='15' /> 2/ the region for Brussel is not color coded (but it does display the value of 100) And one strange thing: Your internal id's 10 en 11 are preceeded with a 0 , so are the id's 1 to 9 (but there you would expect a leading zero). Can you please update the Belgium map as soon as possible ? This is used in an online system as click thru maps, and at the moment it is impossible to click on the luxemburg region. Thanks in advance, Erik
  9. Title attribute for maps

    I second this request ! I display a chart next to a map on my pages (both showing the same numbers). It would be great if I could show the same caption which I now show on the chart, also on the map.
  10. Not able to render graph on div

    206 Partial Content The requested file was partially sent. Usually caused by stopping or refreshing a web page before it loads. Error 206 means that the requested file was only partially sent by the server. Of course, this means that FisionChartschart cannot be displayed, the file is not completely loaded. I would check your file server connection.
  11. I think this should do the trick: canvasBgColor='ffffff,eeeeee' canvasBgAlpha='100,100' Try playing with the canvasBgAlpha values, it produces great effects.
  12. I'm sorry to have taken up your time. It indeed works as expected. Problem was that I was displaying more than 1 pie chart under each other (and was setting the decimal='0' only after the first pie chart was displayed (so the default was changed too late in the process). Thanks for the great product and for the prompt reponse. Erik
  13. I display a 3D pie chart passing it integer values as data values and with among the parameters : showPercentValues='1' decimals='0' forcing it to display the percentage next to each pie slice. However the percentages displayed in the chart still display two decimals? Does the decimal='0' not work for percentages ? Thanks in advance, Erik
  14. I downloaded the latest version of PowerMaps this morning and found something changed (last version downloaded somwehere in dec last year - both version 3). Previously, if I wanted to show a number over a country (in f.i. the Europe map), I generated: <entity id='BE' value='150'> - look at the country code BE for Belgium Now, I have to generate the following: <entity id='005' value='150'> Why has this been changed ? This breaks existing code ! Can I use the previous codes in stead of the numbers by setting some property ?
  15. I found in the help that I can change the border, change the gradient colors, but did not find how to have a transparent background color. Thanks in advance for any help you may provide.