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  1. Pallav: What is the last function called when a graph is rendered?, I think i can dispatch an event from there. Thanks!
  2. Then it is impossible to know when the graph finished rendering?.... is there any property I can check to know if it has finished rendering?.... I hope there is something.....
  3. Thanks Pallav, that helped a lot!.
  4. I want to know if something like this exists (for attaching actions when the graph finished rendering): theGraph.onFinishedRender = function afterRender() { //Make actions when the graph has been rendered } theGraph.render(); Thanks!
  5. Ok, I will do it from there. Thanks! Now I have another problem. I dynamically create movieclips for attaching the graphs. When I create an empty movieClip, it
  6. First, I attach an empty movie clip to the ScrollPane.content property, then I get a reference variable of that movieclip, and then I render the graph inside that movieClip, everything works fine when the scrollpane.content movieclip have the enough size for the graph to render, then if I resize the ScrollPane viewPort to a smaller size (in witch not all the graph is displayed) it works ok. The error is when I try to render the graph inside the ScrollPane when the viewport of the ScrollPane masks some part of the Legend of the graph. The strange thing is that if I run the SWF inside an HTML, the graph renders perfect even if the scrollPane's vewport is smaller than the graph. But in a standalone SWF, the lengend does'nt render fine... I think one solution is to disable your scrollBar routine from the legend, I don't really need it as well... Can you orient me a little in that issue? Thanks again ! Daniel
  7. I have now a partial solution ... I think it is not the cleanest way to do it but it works... I make the scrollPane size bigger when rendering the graph, and the I set it's size to the needed size, and then all contents of the graph (including the legend) are rendered.. this kind of solution is what mexicans call "chapuza" : (something that works... but it's not the "right" solution). I know with all this information you can orient me to solve the problem in a professional way.... Thanks again!!
  8. I tried legendPosition='right'. The graphic just renders the Legend area that is visible when rendering. The part outside the viewport of the scrollPane is not rendered (only of the legend). There is an important issue, when I publish the SWF embedded in HTML it works fine!, but the standalone SWF played in the flashplayer does'nt render OK and I need a standalone swf. ... Thanks!
  9. When I insert a 2d Stacked Column chart inside a scrollPane component content, it does'nt display the Legend content. I believe it is because the legend itself uses a scroll. The problem persists even when the scoll is not needed. Thank you ..