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  1. Text Orientation In Multi Pie Chart

    More than 2 year left... Why this issue is not yet resolved ?
  2. rotate labels in multi-level pie chart

    how to place rotated annotations labels ? help will be highly appreciated
  3. Hi, I am trying to generate a hierarchical level pie... I am facing issue with overlapping the the fiddle i created .. Kindly find the attached image.... I need to add new layer similar like images... note : need to add a layer for the last level of the pie
  4. multilevelpie text overlap

  5. Hi, I am facing an issue with the "Multilevelpie". if the legend value is less, "Label text is overlapping".. How can i solve this.. Note: Some time value will be 0, in that scenario.. "Labels generating" Kindly check the JsFiddle re-generated the issue.. & i have attached images also, Strange error how can i resolve this issue... kindly guide me how can i solve this