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  1. Out of memory error multiple charts

    Sorry, my mistake. The problem is with flash player version 9,0,16,0 Thanks.
  2. Out of memory error multiple charts

    Thanks for reply. I am using flash player 9,0,16,0 And on my another machine which also has same flash player I do not get the out of memory error. So there may be some other reason for this error. -Amarendra
  3. Out of memory error multiple charts

    Hi, I am also getting same error. I have 4 charts per page. I am opening the page containing charts in new window using _blank. If I open same charts in multiple say 4-5 pages then while closing the windows I am getting out of memory error. All charts have been registered with JS. Let me know if anybody has found fix for this issue or any work-around. -Amarendra