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  1. Js Print

    Show a windows and says that fusioncharts function its not defined. I paste the al js code in the page works, but If I do a js reference don't work. Could it be because I open a popup?
  2. Js Print

    Also doesn't work
  3. z-Index

    Thanks but I use your dll. Then I solved by transparent parameter, like this: The last "true" puts the chart behind the other elements. Thanks again
  4. z-Index

    Hi, I'm here again :hehe: Is there any possibility to put other web elements like divs, spans, etc over the chart? I have a dropdown menu, but when go down, de menu is behind the chart. Do you understand me? How can put the menu or other elements over the chart? I found it, sorry: The last "true" puts the chart behind the other elements. Thanks!
  5. Woaa jajaja Works! Thanks again for your help. Very apreciated help Thanks! :w00t:
  6. One more question. Is there any way to make the Trend-line wider? Styles? I only see Shado, Bevel, blur, font, glow... But how to add this? Thanks in advance
  7. Thank very much! Works perfect now!
  8. Hi, I'm trying to make a column3d chart. But my x labels are very long and I change to rotate, but. Can be possible to wrap rotate labels? Thanks