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  1. PieChart labels do not display correctly

    It works in this case with this particular data but for other data I'll have to find other parameters. In the next version of Fusion Chart do you have any plan of improving the Smart Labels ? If not could you please at least try to resolve the problem of overlapping multi-lines labels ? Thank you very much, Have a nice day
  2. PieChart labels do not display correctly

    I try to break the labels into two lines, names and values. The problem now is even with enableSmartLabels='1' and labelDistance='10', I have overlapped labels. Could you tell me if there is something I missed ? Thank you very much.
  3. PieChart labels do not display correctly

    Here is the result. The long labels cannot be displayed correctly.
  4. PieChart labels do not display correctly

    Could you take a look and tell me what's wrong ? The code the chartObj is in chartObj.txt and the dataXml (used in chartObj.setDataXML()) is in attachment. Thanks alot, PieChart.xml chartObj.txt
  5. PieChart labels do not display correctly

    Thank you for your response.
  6. I have my pie chart inside an item, the size of the pie chart adjust correctly but I loose some parts of some long labels. Do you have an idea of what I can do ? Thanks,
  7. Angular Gauge

    Hi, I'm using angular gauge and I have 1 small problem. The numerical value of the dial appears behind the Dial so I can't see it properly. Could you give me any suggestion to fix it ? Thanks in advance
  8. Export dashboard to Word/Pdf

    Hi, I have already had each individual chart exportable as pdf or as jpeg. My problem is that my page contains several charts and I want to implement a "general export function" to export the whole page as a pdf file. For this I need to be able handle every image of my charts once I'm in the "general export function" and I can't figure out a way to do it yet Thanks a lot,
  9. Hi, I need to export my dashboard ( with several charts) to Word/pdf. I try then to export all the individual charts into JPG and after that build the word/pdf document myself. Could you tell me if I can write a javascript function which return the jpg image(I dont need it saved in the disk) with each chartid please ? Thanks in advance
  10. Y-axis label on Bubble

    It works Thanks alot
  11. Y-axis label on Bubble

    Thank you, this solution is what I'm using. Could you tell me whether I can hide the trend line ? I set thickness to 0 but I still have the trend line on the graph. Thanks,
  12. Y-axis label on Bubble

    Hi, I'd like to display text label insteed of number on Y-Axis on Bubble but I can't figure out a straight forward way to do it like on X-axis, at the moment I need to hide the Y-axis values and design trends with the wanted texts. Could tou tell me if it's possible ? Thanks,