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  1. We currently own Fusion Widgets, and are interested in the funnel chart located here: http://www.fusioncharts.com/widgets/Gallery/Pyramid1.html However, we need to invert - so that the "top" of the funnel is on the bottom, and visa-versa. Is this possible? There is one example (http://www.fusioncharts.com/widgets/Gallery/Funnel2.html) that is inverted, but we need the 3-D pyramid look for this chart. Thanks!
  2. Random Map Size in IE

    Great - thanks! I tried your example and you are correct - the map size no longer changes. However, I am not able to locate the "small change" that was made to correct this. Can you explain what change was made so that I can investigate further? Thanks again!
  3. Random Map Size in IE

    Sure - it's not that difficult to replicate. Here's a sample link: http://www.mywahlpro.com/test/test If you open the link in Chrome, FireFox, or IE, everything is fine (you can see the entire Map). Once you refresh the page, Chrome and FireFox refresh fine...but in IE, it appears to "zoom in"...and you can only see the Northwestern region of the map.
  4. Random Map Size in IE

    Has this issue been resolved? I see the last post was from support about 5 months ago indicating they are working on the issue. We are experiencing the same issue and are looking for the resolution. Thanks!