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  1. I have created a chart that groups by quarter and then drills down to the monthly figures with that particular quarter (By-Qtr-Month.jpg). The issue I'm having is that the Drilldown results in "No Data to Display" (No-Data-to-Display.jpg) despite the adjacent chart showing the monthly figures Both charts are getting the data from the same list and view and the chart settings (chart type etc.) are the same as other, working drill down charts. I'm using Collabion v1.1.3.0. So far I've deleted the chart and recreated it to make sure there wasn't some glitch in the initial data connection I've also created the adjacent chart to ensure it was reading the correct data
  2. Drilldown not working

    Regarding upgrading to v2.0.3.0, having read the installation instructions, does the setup need to be run on each WFE or just the main (Central Admin) server. It's a bit of a noobie question but we are in between SharePoint Application Support Contracts and I'm not sure when the new contract is going to begin!
  3. Hi, I have a list that collects a large amount of data including a date of event. From this, calculated columns convert the date field into A "Financial Year" month NUMBER where April = 1 A TEXT month such as April A "Group by Month" column that combines the above so that a "grouped" view is sorted in the correct order (1 - April, 2 - May...) Unfortunately options 2 and 3 are text fields and get sorted as such (1 - April, 10 - January, 11 - February, 12 - March, 2 - May...). Is it possible to group a chart by the Displayed Month (Option 2) but sort it by Financial Year month NUMBER (1, 2, 3 ...)? Thanks Simon
  4. I have created a List for the Health and Safety team to enter data every month for a dashboard. Some of the data is cumulative and so only needs to show the most recent entry. I have created a view of the list with the appropriate columns and limited it to only display 1 item (the most recent). Without using the Filter option, which would need to be updated every month (by non-technical users), how can I get the chart to display the latest item only? Thanks Simon
  5. Thanks for the reply, is this something that will be in the next version?
  6. Labels

    Hi, Is there any way of increasing the size of the label area on the x-axis? I currently have a stacked chart that has 49 names as the labels and every single one of them is cut in half by size restrictions. Adjusting padding/margins above and below makes no difference and I don't want to decrease the font size as it would become unreadable. I attach a screen print showing the problem and look forward to hearing from you. Regards,
  7. Labels

    Many thanks!
  8. Labels

    Thanks for your prompt reply! When is the release date of v.3.2.2 likely to be? Regards
  9. I have created a Thermometer chart to show cash collection (instead of temperatures). When I change the numberSuffix='
  10. Line Chart links

    I have a multi-series line chart with each series showing a percentage score and would like to place a drilldown link on each series. I can add the link to individual anchors but the trouble here is that some of the series scores are the same, therefore you only get the link to one of the series rather than both. I could add the link to each anchor point on the line as the lines don't always follow each other but you know that someone will click on the joined anchor point, get the wrong page and complain! Is it possible to add the link to the whole line and not just the anchor points? Many thanks Simon
  11. When I change a thermometer widget to display

    No answers? I tried adding all punctuation marks to the numberPrefix (and numberSuffix) and it seems to be just the Costs1.xml
  12. Adding ToolTip to the whole chart

    Is it possible to add a toolTip to the whole of the chart rather than just the data points? I am trying to create a multiseries line chart showing cash collection for the month (target and actual). I also need to show the cash collected yesterday, cash collected this month, target for collection today and how much above/below the target yesterdays collection was. Unfortunately there is only enough space for the chart without the extra text beneath it. My thought is that, rather than showing the tooltips on dataseries, when the user rolls their mouse over the chart they see a tooltip with all the relevant info in one place. Many thanks Simon
  13. Adding ToolTip to the whole chart

    Thanks for the replies. Madhumita, you gave me an idea for a bit of a work around. I have set up a trend area over the entire chart area with alpha set to '0' and the 4 line tooltip on that. Now, unless the mouse pointer is over a specific data point the tooltip appears. It's not ideal but it's better than nothing! Cheers
  14. Is it possible to specify/force a particular canvas width on a bar chart regardless of how wide the whole chart is? Thanks
  15. Without having used FusionMaps (will be talking to the boss about it once I know the answer to this question)... Using the World Map with Countries, is it possible to hilight multiple countries at the same time? Our company has businesses in different parts of the world and they are clumped into sections i.e. Australia, New Zealand and Thailand is one section, Europe and Canada is another etc. So, if a user hovers over New Zealand, Australia and Thailand also light up.
  16. Long labels on the Y-Axis

    I have a bar chart showing the top 8 question asked in a recent audit and am having difficulty lining the questions up. Is there any way of formatting the Y-axis labels so they all line up to the left hand side rather than the right?
  17. Long labels on the Y-Axis

    Thanks for the prompt response. Using the attached XML file, the WRAP option seems to have no effect on the Y axis and I have to manually enter the line breaks with code to stop the questions from being cut off. Issues_ytd.xml