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  1. link and labelLink data attributes conflict

    Any update on this..? There's been 4 releases since this and it's still broken.
  2. link and labelLink data attributes conflict

    Actually works correctly in v3.10.1 ...
  3. Taking the following fiddle as an example; if you edit the data to look something like this; "data": [{ "label": "Apple", "value": "810000", "link": "newchart-xml-apple", "labelLink": "j-foo" }, { "label": "Cranberry", "value": "620000", "link": "newchart-xml-cranberry", "labelLink": "j-bar" },{...}] the labelLink functions never run because the labels act on the link attribute and load the linked charts. However if you remove the link attribute completely the labelLink works as you would assume it to, and runs foo() or bar() when clicking the label. How can I have both of these attributes work together correctly?