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  1. Chart messages for .net window application

    The setting transparency function is for web application as you can see in the example codes but I asked for window application. But I think, it is not possible because for the application all xml properties set before chart is to be displayed and depending on that xml chart is displayed. So now I want to display separately only message with white background on chart and when all data will retrieved I will set new chart on the same object . So how can I show only message on shockwave object ?
  2. I want to show chart message ( retreiving wait .....) before chart not displayed. I saw ChartNoDataText like property on help documents but I think it is applying for web application not mine window application? Am I right? If not please correct me and suggest the property name to set chart message. Thanks.
  3. I run project on 2 machines having 32 bit environment (ex.XP/Vista/Server2003)successfully. Same project is not running on 64 bit(ex.Vista) machines. I have installed latest versions of shockwave and flash players but helpless. Then I tried to make fresh project this time on 64 bit vista machine but as soon as drag drop shockwave object either project got crashed or small and unresizable object appeared on the window which was meaningless. What is neat procedure to create a window application which will run on both 32-64 bit machines without any external setting ? So that we can just make an installable package comfortable with any environment?
  4. No Flashplayer 8/10 required when I run my project on mine machine.I had only used AxInterop.ShockwaveFlashObjects.DLL. Still I m successfully seeing all the charts . But the problem is............. 1> When I package the project and install on another machine(having or not having Flashplayer8/10) there is an exception HRESULT:0x80040154[REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG].
  5. No Flashplayer 8/10 installed. But using AxInterop.ShockwaveFlashObjects.DLL
  6. Hi, I have got my development machine to setup and run fusioncharts for a windows C# application. However when it has now come to package the application,we seem to be having issues registering the flash.ocx on the client machine. I have tried registering it manually also without any result. What needs to be installed on the desktop before my C# application using fusioncharts can run ? thanks
  7. Tooltip on dataplot for Column3D

    It worked. Thank u very much.
  8. Tooltip on dataplot for Column3D

    Can we change 'tooltiptext' of a dataplot in Column3D? I need user provided tooltip which is different than label of the dataplot. So that I can provide short labels but full name when hovering on the dataplot, hense I can save space needed for long labels. Can anyone suggest me any solution?
  9. Where can I find attribute list for styling

    No worries I got it. Thanks
  10. When we use 'style ' element in that we specify 'feature' for an 'object name' . Ex.For styling 'CAPTION' we use 'font' feature and in that we use 'color/fontstyle/fontsize' . In my case I want to use 'glow/bevel/blur' features for 'Dataplot' but I couldn't find required attributes for the same. I already seen list can u help me?
  11. Rotate label in specified degrees.

    Also am appreciate your quickness. Thank u . Happy 2010.
  12. Rotate label in specified degrees.

    In column chart using slantLabels,rotateLabels we can rotate labels. By default when labels are rotated in degree 45. If we can increase or decrease the degree? Thank u .
  13. Controlling length of labels in Column3D

    I attached snapshot of the chart(Column3d) in which I want to controll length of the labels so that actual chart columns can occupy more space . I used slantLables,rotateLabels,staggerLines,wrapLabel but anyhow it takes that much space as u can see in the snapshot. If label has 10 chars ,if we can show first 3-4 chars? Thanks in advance.
  14. Special char replacement

    I m using 'dataXML' method but I came to know there is no replacement required for given 3 chars. But again I want complete list of chars and their replacement chars so that before problem occurs I can figure out it for 'dataXML' method. Thank u for quick reply.
  15. Legend in Column3D

    So sorry , I am talking about Column3D.swf and I want to show legends in Column3D like in MSLine.swf so that no need to display labels . The legend will contain labels and respective dataplot color.