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  1. How to: Dynamically adjust how large data to show on scroll chart

    What I was trying to say is, that FusionCharts will calculate the percentages automatically, hence eliminating time loss to calculate that percentage yourself. But i guess this is not supported as of yet. So I ended up doing calculating the percentages myself, feeding the raw data.
  2. How to/Request for Multi-Axis line chart

    Thanks Madhumita. Would be glad if you could provide some details on the development, too; which features are confirmed to be on next release, how the progress is going. Is there a company/dev blog for such thing? That would shed some light, and is fun to read, from customer's point of view Regards
  3. Hello, There are some features that are most likely there (if not SHOULD be there), but couldn't figure out in settings. Ok, So as in example MALine1, there are 3 axis. One of them could be/is set by default. There is an option to turn off (imaginary) the axis, but then, this ALSO turns off the tick box. Is there (or there needs to be) an option to SHOW the tick box, and NOT the axis? Because, for example, all axis may be same, say show percentage value. So, there is NO need for other axis. But, the tick box is a great feature for user interaction; tick box should stay there, and allow for on/off of data set. Furthermore, is it possible to chose a position for tick box INDEPENDENT of the axis place; which only LEFT/RIGHT? For example, Tick box placement under graph, right above the legend? Or inside legend, next to the titles? Thanks
  4. How to: Dynamically adjust how large data to show on scroll chart

    Thanks for the JS heads up. But, when comparing, another issue arose. The comparison should be done in %; to be logical, to show the change amount. So there will only be 1 Y axis, showing the % change. I am trying to figure out how to set it up from the settings, and appreciate a hand in here Regards
  5. Thanks for recommendations, but neither of them succeed on accomplishing the desired task, as I wrote above: And is there another way of NOT showing the lines but only the data points? I just want to show the DATA points, just the points (anchors) and NOT the line. But when the alpha is set to 0 or color to FFFFFF, the datapoints ALSO disappear. This is NOT desired, as the user will not be able to see anything. Isn't there a way to JUST plot the POINTS? (which i tried to do by fading the line itself, which doesn't work i believe) Thanks
  6. Hello, When Combi2D is used, and the 2nd data set is chosen as RenderAs="Line", the lineAlpha="0" setting does NOT work. I wanted to use this so that the line will NOT display, but only the data points (anhors) will be shown on the chart: (does NOT work) Shouldn't the lineAlpha be working? (I also tried other line settings, such as lineColor="ffffff", but that doesn't work either.) And is there another way of NOT showing the lines but only the data points? Thanks
  7. You replies all in one post Thanks
  8. Hello, I was wondering if its possible to create a comparison chart, similar to the one at amcharts: Multiple Data comparison chart: http://www.amcharts.com/stock/multiple-data-sets/ Sample screen: http://i47.tinypic.com/f3bby8.png Thanks
  9. Hello, I used amCharts for sometime, and couldn't find a must have feauture with fusioncharts, which i recently began to use. Is it possible to let the user choose the data range to display? By means of expanding/shrinking the scroll bar with use of handles? See amcharts for example: http://www.amcharts.com/stock/multiple-data-sets/ Screen: http://i48.tinypic.com/2meveon.jpg
  10. Hello, The default way of Fusioncharts reading the data is from top to bottom: -> This is read 1st and displayed 1st -> This is read 2nd and displayed to the right -> This is read 1st and displayed 1st -> This is read 2nd and displayed to the right but the data should be (in our case) displayed FEB '06 first, this way: -> This is should be read 2nd and displayed to the right, since newest data -> This is should be read 1st -> Same, reversed -> Should be displayed 1st I looked around but couldn't see a propert, such as reversedata="1" so that chart reads the top data as the newest and displays to the right. I am sure there should be one, but probably overlooked. How could this be done? Thanks
  11. Auto adjust and decrease the width between values.

    Hello, I came across several similar questions, regarding adjusting the gap size betweeen x-axis values. This is the earliest I have found about the question (other one was in June i believe), and you said that the feature request was added and will be released in next update. Since its been around 9 months since this post, any status updates? This is a common issue/request i believe, and would be great to be able to adjust the gap between x values.
  12. Currently, with the default size of the chart, 650x350, the scrollable chart only displays 8 data values inside the window. I looked around but couldn't find how to display more than 8. I am sure there is a property for that. Say, i want to display 12 data values at one time. How could this be done? Thanks