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  1. Hello. With the iPhone gaining popularity, and now the iPad following suit, the lack of a good Flash alternative for FusionCharts seems to be a great hindrance. The only good solution I have found so far is to save a JPG of the chart and show it if Flash is not present. For the charts that don't change too often, this solution is ok. However, some of our charts change daily which is becoming a maintenance nightmare. I haven't found a way to automatically create a JPG when the data changes (although, I may not have looked hard enough). Are there plans to create such a feature? Or, maybe there are plans to make FusionCharts more iPhone friendly? Thanks Dan
  2. Can't automatically save a JPEG

    I understand that this is an abstract problem, and possibly even a server issue considering you claim it works on your machines while it doesn't on mine. However, any suggestions on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
  3. The chart will appear within this DIV. This text will be replaced by the chart. //Create the chart. Make sure registerWithJS is set to 1, else callback cannot happen. var myChart = new FusionCharts("/recovery/charts/MSColumn2D.swf", "myChartId", "530", "300", "0", "1"); myChart.setDataURL("/recovery/charts/chartdata.xml"); myChart.render("chartdiv");
  4. Can't automatically save a JPEG

    I am sorry for the delayed response, but I was pulled onto another project and had to put this on hold for a while. I need a little clarification on how you got this code working, however. It doesn't work on my machine at all. Lets start with the FCExporter.php file. In this file, I had to make changes to the SAVE_PATH and HTTP_URI, the rest I left at default. For the save path, I started by trying to point it to my images directory, which apache has write permissions to (I even chmod 777 it to be sure). Then I tried all sorts of things, but nothing works. Just to be sure, specifying SAVE_PATH as "/" is the root of the webserver, so I would map HTTP_URI to 'www.myhost.com', right? Or, should the save path be the full server path like '/opt/data/xxx/yyy/zzz/'? Regardless, I tried both, and neither worked, but I just want to be sure. Likewise, why isn't my exportCallback function firing at all? Even if the save path is incorrect, shouldn't the first alert fire, then the error alert afterwards stating that the file wasn't written? What do I need to check to make sure that the exportCallback function fires?
  5. Can't automatically save a JPEG

    Hello Again, I have attached my code. It is very straight forward. You will note that in the callBack function I have an alert() call at the very top. I have tried everything I can, but I can't get that alert to fire. Please let me know what you think. source.zip
  6. Can't automatically save a JPEG

    I am not exactly sure why there is such a delay in response to my question, but any information would be greatly appreciated. Is there some fundamental misunderstanding in my approach? My overarching goal is to automatically create a JPG for each fusion chart currently being drawn on our site. This is specifically for the iPhone, or any other medium that doesn't support Flash. The idea was simple, create a utility that would automatically create a JPG file for all of our charts and store them in a fixed directory with a fixed name ... then, if we detect that a browser doesn't support flash, we would display the JPG instead. It seems very simple, and it seemed like your export feature supports this with the server side saving as a JPG. Am I correct? I had planned to create a page with all of our fusion charts on it which was purposed for saving all the charts as JPGs, however I can't even get a single Javascript function to fire, let alone save. I can save fine on the client side, but no response on the server side. Please provide me with some more detail to point me in the right direction. Thanks again
  7. Can't automatically save a JPEG

    Has anyone successfully automated this process? Does anyone have a sample that I could look at that works properly? While I am sure that the example posted in the documentation works in some situations, it doesn't work in mine. Is there some other configuration that is possibly required? What is most revealing is that the call back function isn't called anywhere at all. My understanding is that by specifying the callback function in the tag of a loaded fusionChart that it would fire. Is there more to this than that?
  8. chartObj.SetDataURL is not a function

    Thanks, that worked great. Such an obvious mistake, I can't believe I didn't try that earlier.
  9. chartObj.SetDataURL is not a function

    Hello Again, Has any progress been made on this? Are you receiving the same errors I am? I tried recreating the bare minimum project, and I still get the same errors. Please advise.
  10. chartObj.SetDataURL is not a function

    Hello Again, I have attached the files I am using. The only thing, I had to rename my index.html to index.txt to pass your upload filters. If you try this code, you will see that it works perfectly in Firefox, but not so well in IE. I can't understand why this is happening. I have developed a workaround using hidden divs, but this is a terrible solution. Please let me know what you think. Thanks Dan chartdata.xml projected2009.xml projected2010.xml projected2011.xml index.txt
  11. chartObj.SetDataURL is not a function

    I am not sure why my previous response isn't showing up, but to answer your question there are no similar IDs on that page. Of course, that is assuming you are referring to the IDs myGrid, gridChart, myPie and pieChart. The rest of the page is more or less static HTML used for testing purposes. Thanks
  12. chartObj.SetDataURL is not a function

    Hello Again, Can I assume that you are referring (in the code provide) to the myPie and myGrid or pieChart and gridChart elements? Or do you have something else in mind? If my assumption is correct, I can attest that these IDs are not being used by any other HTML or Form elements throughout the page, primarily because the rest of the page is just static text. For all intents and purposes, the FusionCharts are the only real elements on the page. Thanks
  13. chartObj.SetDataURL is not a function

    While this post has been remarkably helpful, I have hit a wall trying to get my charts working in IE. The fact is, I have 3 charts on a single page. The first chart is the overall data, the second chart is a pie of a specific bar of data, and the third is a Grid to display the Pie Chart's labels more clearly. The object is that when someone clicks on a particular bar in the first chart, then other two refresh displaying the appropriate data. This works perfectly fine in Firefox. In IE the initial 3 charts load fine but then when clicking on a bar I get the following message, "Out of Memory at line: 349". FYI - Line 349 in the HTML View Source points to some static HTML, not to the chart data nor to the Javascript in question. Here is the code in question (please ignore style, this is currently a proof of concept): Javascript to refresh the second 2 charts - Chart Generation for second 2 charts - Maybe there is a better way? I am not aware of a means to combine the 2 charts together so that they share the same XML. Maybe there are some opinions on where I can look to determine why I am getting a memory issue in IE? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.