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  1. ExportHandlers

    I know there arent any CFM export handlers, but I can use the JSP handlers. My question is, is there a way to export a chart behind the scenes, and then only display the PNG or JPG of the chart? I was looking on the forum and didnt see a post on this, but if you know of one, let me know. The charting in coldfusion allows you to specify if you want flash, jpg, png etc output. I was working on doing this same thing with fusion charts. Is there a way to get the swf data from a stream without posting, or right clicking on the chart and doing a "save as..."? Thanks!! -Matthew
  2. Line2D Data Display Issue

    Hey guys, I did a quick search in the forum for this, but I didnt see anything, so I apologize if there is a post on this. Im doing a simple MS Line 2d graph and the issue im having is some of the data on two datasets are exactly the same, so when you view the chart, it shows 3 items in the legend, but only two lines are visible in the chart. This is because for two of those datasets they just happen to have the same data. Are the lines overlapping? If so, how can i fix this?? Im still using 3.1 Fusion Charts v3 (not the FREE version) <dataset seriesName="A"> <set tooltext='Jan 50%' label="Jan" value="50"/> <set tooltext='Feb 50%' label="Feb" value="50"/> <set tooltext='Mar 50%' label="Mar" value="50"/> <set tooltext='Apr ' label="Apr" /> <set tooltext='May ' label="May" /> <set tooltext='Jun ' label="Jun" /> <set tooltext='Jul ' label="Jul" /> <set tooltext='Aug ' label="Aug" /> <set tooltext='Sep ' label="Sep" /> <set tooltext='Oct ' label="Oct" /> <set tooltext='Nov ' label="Nov" /> <set tooltext='Dec ' label="Dec" /> </dataset> <dataset seriesName="B"> <set tooltext='Jan 50%' label="Jan" value="50"/> <set tooltext='Feb 50%' label="Feb" value="50"/> <set tooltext='Mar 50%' label="Mar" value="50"/> <set tooltext='Apr ' label="Apr" /> <set tooltext='May ' label="May" /> <set tooltext='Jun ' label="Jun" /> <set tooltext='Jul ' label="Jul" /> <set tooltext='Aug ' label="Aug" /> <set tooltext='Sep ' label="Sep" /> <set tooltext='Oct ' label="Oct" /> <set tooltext='Nov ' label="Nov" /> <set tooltext='Dec ' label="Dec" /> </dataset>
  3. Line2D Data Display Issue

    Thank you for your reply.. As long as you are aware of the issue, im cool. Is there a list somewhere that lists bugs/requests that are being fixed/implemented I know there is a forum of the suggestions and Requests here, but didnt know if there was a place that showed which of those were be considered and when. Thanks for all you do! -Matthew
  4. Line2D Data Display Issue

    If you look at the graphic i sent in the previous post, and look specifically at the green line, and the yellow line. You can see the border that is going around the whole graph going through that line. Hope that makes sense.
  5. Line2D Data Display Issue

    What about making the lines appear above the top and bottom border lines... kind of hard to explain so i am attaching a graphic.. if a line is 100%, the border around the graph is going through the line from the data. Same thing with 0%. the border of the chart is going through the line. Im using 3.1.1 version of FusionCharts if that is needed.
  6. Fusioncharts Dom With 3.2

    Will FusionCharts DOM work with FusionCharts 3.2? I recently upgraded to 3.2 and none of my FusionCharts that use the DOM work anymore. Looks like ill have to change my code to use the new FusionCharts() syntax unless there is another way. Any help is greatly appreciated. -Matthew
  7. Fusioncharts Dom With 3.2

    Its not that urgent. I mean i can continue using 3.1.1. It would not take long to change my code to use the Javascript instead of FusionCharts DOM until then. There are some features in 3.2 that I really like, so Ill probably find some work around to use 3.2. Keep us all posted, and Thanks for all the work you do! -Matthew
  8. Help Needed With Generated Chart

    What exactly is not showing? Did you get this issue resolved? I see that you are using a Line Chart.
  9. Line2D Data Display Issue

    Im attaching the line2D and also the same data but a Column2D to show its the same data. Edit: i took out the 3rd set of data to just show the two that are equal...
  10. Update on FusionCharts DOM

    Just wanted to get an update on the status of the FusionCharts DOM project. I have been playing a lot with the FusionCharts DOM (1.1 Beta) and the JQuery plugin.
  11. I was just thinking of something with the Jquery Plugin. Im not sure if this is doable, but I was thinking about maybe a way to bind a chart to another chart, so for example if chart A changes, it will also update the second chart that is bound it. Currently there are events that are fired on the charts and you pass in the DOMId, and have to do a test on if the DOMId is "chartxxx" do something. I just thought it may be possible to enhance the events and maybe bind two charts together...etc. Hope that makes sense. -Matthew
  12. Im leaning towards the second option that you suggested for global events with the $(':fusioncharts').... I also do like what you have come up with with the update bindings. What about the real-time charts? If the data hasnt changed, will the update event still fire? -Matthew
  13. <center> <table id="myHTMLTable" border="1" align="center"> <tr> <th>2005</th> <th>2006</th> <th>2007</th> <th>2008</th> </tr> <tr> <td>12</td> <td>23</td> <td>34</td> <td>45</td> </tr> </table> <script type="text/javascript"> $('#myHTMLTable').convertToFusionCharts({ swfPath: "../Charts/", type: "Column2D", data: "#myHTMLTable", dataFormat:"HTMLTable" }); </script> </center> when i run this code, it produces a 2d column chart, but it produces 4 bars, but the horizontal labels are showing 2006, 2007, 2008. It seems to somehow remove 2005 from the horizontal labels. Im attaching a image of the chart. Im using v3 charting.
  14. Austin, By default, the jquery defaults to FusionCharts Free, so when Im doing my testing Ive had to set the product to v3. Same js file. -Matthew
  15. Thank you for the continued work on this. Also thank you for keeping me posted on updates! Ill be doing more testing this week using the plugin. -Matthew
  16. All the code im using is in this html file. Attaching it as a .txt file When i look in firebug on firefox, i get the following xml looking at the source. <chart ><set label='2005' value='12' /><set label='2006' value='23' /><set label='2007' value='34' /><set label='2008' value='45' /></chart> jquery.txt
  17. [feedback] Thanks for the tools

    I havent tested this, but are Maps supported? If not, will they be? Just looking at the docs, this plugin will come in handy. Ive actually been waiting on this for a while now. Thanks for all your hard work!! -Matthew
  18. ExportHandlers

    Could you by chance send me an example? I still am missing something, and cant get it to work.
  19. ExportHandlers

    Im getting an error when i try to do this. What am i doing wrong? At the top of the page i have this. <script> function FC_Rendered(DOMId) { var x = getChartFromId(DOMId).getImageData(); alert(x); } </script> Lower down the page i have this: <script type="text/javascript"> var chart1 = new FusionCharts("AngularGauge.swf", "ChId1", "350", "190", "0", "1"); chart1.setDataXML("#xml#"); chart1.render("chart1div"); </script> x alerts as underfined. can i not alert x?
  20. ExportHandlers

    So are you saying i have to render the flash chart on the page, then get that chart from its id, and get the image data? I didnt want to render the flash chart on the page, i wanted to do that all behind the scenes. can render() be called without passing something to it?
  21. ExportHandlers

    Is this getImageData() method on the chart javascript object? If, so do i have to render the chart before i can call the image data? Something like below.. how would i use the getImageData() method? var chart1 = new FusionCharts("AngularGauge.swf", "ChId1", "350", "190", "0", "1"); chart1.setDataXML(xml); chart1.render("chart1div");
  22. FusionWidgets and ColdFusion

    Okay I made a VERY quick example of using the guage and coldfusion. I included a simple guage example that just randomly changes the numbers every 3 seconds by calling a component. The other example you pass in an id in the url and it will return a specific number based on a query. This was just a quick way to simulate different users. this also uses the realtime data as well. Hope this helps. -Matthew
  23. FusionWidgets and ColdFusion

    I know you said you were a front end designer, and not a developer, but what ive done for this type of thing is create a coldfusion cfc that I use to get the information and send that to the chart. If you are using the real-time guages, then i set the dataStreamURL attribute to point to the cfc. If you arent using the realtime guages, you can use the FusionCharts API and use the setDataURL() which points to the cfc. You dont have to make 1000 xml docs. You can have your cfc generate the data you need and send it back. Let me know if you have any questions. -Matthew
  24. Im trying to add a javascript link in my chart like so.. <set label="2000" value="15695" link="j-myJS-Malaysia, 121" /> i have a myJS() function on my page just taken from the examples. function myJS(myVar){window.alert(myVar);} When i run the chart, and i click on a bar, it acts like j-myJS-Malaysia, 121 is a link to a file, and not a javascript function. When i switch it to javascript:myJS('Malaysia, 121') it works fine. Am i missing something?
  25. getXML()

    I am unable to use the getXML() method of the chart object when i use the fusionchartsDOM. If i switch it and load it using javascript (new FusionCharts()) and a setDataXML() i can then use the getXML() function. Shouldn't i be able to use the getXML() with this fusionchartsDOM? i was using this to attempt to get the chart xml, but i get a "chartToPrint.getXML is not a function" function getChartXML(){ //Get chart from its ID var chartToPrint = getChartFromId("chart1Id"); alert(chartToPrint.getXML()); } registerWithJS is turned on and set to 1.