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  1. I'm trying to get pop-up drill-down links working. I have them working fine for my FusionCharts ScrollColumn2D chart. I'm trying to add them to a RealTimeColumn chart and I'm running into difficulty. The documentation (http://www.fusioncharts.com/widgets/docs/Contents/DSC_Format.html) says the link can be in the FusionCharts link format for opening a new window, etc, so I assumed the format could be the same as what I am using for ScrollColumn2D. When I feed this data to my chart: &label=2010-05-24 18:50:01.685078&value=785&link=P-logDrillDown%2Cwidth%3D800%2Cheight%3D500%2Cscrollbars%3Dyes%2Ctoolbar%3Dno-logDrillDown.php%3Fts%3D2010-05-24+18%3A50%3A01 which is the encoded form of this: &label=2010-05-24 18:50:01.685078&value=785&link=P-logDrillDown,width=800,height=500,scrollbars=yes,toolbar=no-logDrillDown.php?ts=2010-05-24 18:50:01 and then click on the column in the chart, I get an error "The requested URL /P-logDrillDown was not found on this server.". It looks like it's not parsing the link to get to the actual script. If I feed this: &label=2010-05-24 18:50:01.685078&value=785&link=logDrillDown.php%3Fts%3D2010-05-24+18%3A50%3A01 which is the encoded form of this: &label=2010-05-24 18:50:01.685078&value=785&link=logDrillDown.php?ts=2010-05-24 18:50:01 My drill down works, except that it's not opening in a pop-up, which is as you would expect. I also tried encoding just the actual script part: &label=2010-05-24 18:50:01.685078&value=785&link=P-logDrillDown,width=800,height=500,scrollbars=yes,toolbar=no-logDrillDown.php%3Fts%3D2010-05-24+18%3A50%3A01 with the same error as before - "The requested URL /P-logDrillDown was not found on this server." Again, when I use the exact same link in my non-real-time chart, everything is fine. Are pop-up drill-down links supported for real-time charts? Any help here? Thanks, Elizabeth ETA: I'm using the trial version. We've purchased the whole shebang, but it hasn't made it's way to me yet. If the answer is that this isn't in the trial version but is in the production version, that's fine. I can test it out when I get it.
  2. Scatter plot x axis

    Thanks for your reply.
  3. Scatter plot x axis

    So even though the chart could automatically calculate the scale and labels for the x-axis as it does for the y (since we specify the x for each plot point), we need to specify them explicitly? Are there any plans on your side to support automatic labeling for the scatter plot x axis as you do on the y axis for all the chart types? Thanks, Elizabeth
  4. Scatter plot x axis

    Rendering in Javascript, but the dataUrl script is php
  5. Scatter plot x axis

    Is it necessary to explicitly define the x axis values/labels in a scatter plot? The y axis is calculated automatically. Am I missing something? This is a pain to do because the data comes from a database and I don't want to write my own algorithm for auto-scaling. Thanks, Elizabeth
  6. My datapoints are not always evenly spaced, time wise. Do you support a true time-scale for the x-axis where the points are spaced according to the difference in time? If not, is there some way I can make this happen? Thanks.
  7. Coordinating multiple charts

    I figured out I can accomplish what I need to with the Javascript feedData function & Ajax as well as using Javascript functions in drill-down charts. Thanks.
  8. Coordinating multiple charts

    Yes, I've done that. What I'm asking is this. If I have two or more real-time charts on the same page, is there any way to ensure the x-axes stay in sync? If I have two or more non real-time charts on the same page, is there any way to scroll them together to keep the x-axes in sync? It doesn't necessarily have to be a scroll bar. It could be controlled by buttons or some other control to go earlier or later. Javascript is fine, but I would need to be able to adjust all charts on the page. What I need is to show different kinds of data that occurred at the same time. They may be displayed in different kinds of charts using different scales. A dual-Y chart isn't enough because I may have more than 2 series with very different scales for the Y axis. Another question is whether or not real-time charts have drill down functionality. I would like to be able to click on a chart and be able to bring up some other related information for that time period. Thanks for being so responsive. Elizabeth
  9. We have a need for the following functionality: - adding multiple charts to a web page that share the same x-axis scale and scrolling them as a group - adding multiple charts to a web page that share the same x-axis scale and updating them in real-time, keeping them synchronized in time I understand you can add multiple data series to a single chart, but that isn't sufficient for our needs. The key is keeping the x-axis (most likely time) synchronized between charts. Is there any way to do this in FusionCharts/FusionWidgets? Thanks, Elizabeth
  10. How to implement generic real-time chart

    I figured out what I need to do. The trick was using php to generate the setDataXml call for the javascript, so I can pass extra variables in the dataStreamURL allowing my data php code can pull up the correct data. Thanks, still evaluating
  11. I'm evaluating FusionWidgets for the first time so bear with me if I'm missing something simple. Let's say you have a page with a list of stock symbols. You want the user to pick one, and then you will present a chart for that symbol. 1. How do you customize the XML that defines the chart at runtime to include the stock name? 2. Let's say I'm using php to retrieve the data from a database. How does my php code get the stock name when it's called from the flash program? Is there a way to have user variables passed with the dataStreamURL? Thanks! ETA: OK, I'm trying to accomplish this using setDataXML and having problems. Is there a schema somewhere I can use to validate my XML?