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  1. invalid xml data

    sometimes our selected-out data is tempty so the charts will show default infomation as "invalid xml data" I know that there's an attribute to change the default infomation.. but I can't remember it who can tell me thx..
  2. invalid xml data

    thx, it's useful. But the "baseFont" and the "baseFontSize" Attributes in "" element can't modify the ChartNoDataText. I set the baseFont as "??",the baseFontSize as "14",ChartNoDataText as "????" but the ChartNoDataText also looks like it original font face. Can it's font-face be set?
  3. I have a problem with Label Text, when I use the 3DPie Chart. so, I need your help, thx very much. my xml file has upload by attachment: the tooltip-text on the Sample 3DPie Chart,the format is "address"&"num". but when the 3DPie Chart loads my xml file, it only shows the "value" attributes' number, doesn't show the "label" attributes' value and the image also has upload by attachment: ====== so,how can I set the text on tooltip as the "address"&"num" format. and I mustn't cancle the "toolText" attributes, if I cancle it and use Pieadmin.xml
  4. Help,A problem with Label Text on 3DPie Chart

    the attribute "toolText" in the element only show text on tooltips, I promise. I wanna custom text on the labels,do I?
  5. Hi When I using the Pie 3D chart,some problem feaze me... so...i need everybody's help... thx first... Ques as bellow: to render 2D style as default... 2.when I using the decimals="2" attribute,but the percentage in tooltips always show many num after the radix point ,such as 9.12345678% etc. help plz...thx very much.....
  6. thx it's useful... now,when I exporting the img by 'download' mode,the web site doesn't show a dialogue as the version of fusioncharts is v3.1.1 my xml file and part of code has been upload. code.txt Column2Dadmin.xml
  7. eh.....I only know main version is 3... so...where can I get detail version? thx...
  8. I use this code to set 'export img selection' attributes in XML File xmlWriter.WriteAttributeString("exportEnabled", "1");//bool ???????? xmlWriter.WriteAttributeString("exportShowMenuItem", "1");//bool xmlWriter.WriteAttributeString("exportFormats", "PDF=Export as PDF|JPG=Export as JPEG"); my chart render by .net Litera Web Server Control, when I right click the mouse, the menu doesn't contain any export selections... upload some code by attachments Pie3Dadmin.xml
  9. thanks very much~~ it solves my problem To show the values in the tooltip to have values formatted upto 2 decimal places please use the code below: My DataSet only contains label-value and value-value, and I must write .net code to manual compute the percentage value, so I suggest that can next chart version auto set the percentage value? now i'm trying to write codes about importing the img of chart... i also meet some problem...
  10. hi my screen-shot paste on the 3rd Floor,attachment 1, ... I only find 'toolText' attribute to set tooltips text, is there any attribute to set labels text?
  11. thx for answering.. and here is anther question... look at the image Attachment Pie3Dadmin.xml