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  1. hi, I 'm using the MSColumn2DLineDY,I want to hide the seriesName of dataset in the bottom,but I want to show id when hover on the column ,is there any solution ,thank you!
  2. I don't want to display the number on PY and SY

    first thank you for you reply so quickly,I 'm very appreciate for your help,but on your addvise,I can't realize my function as my hope, let's tell you my environment, I use the chart of FCF_MSColumn2DLineDY,I try to use the attribute showYAxisValues in my data file , like "<graph hovercapborder='F47E00' showValues='0' baseFontSize='12' rotateNames='0' lineThickness='2' showShadow='0' DecimalPrecision='2' formatNumberScale='0' numDivLines='6' bgColor='' baseFontColor='' baseFont='??' outCnvBaseFontSze='14' canvasBgColor='' SYAxisMinValue='0' SYAxisMaxValue='350' PYAxisMaxValue='12600' showYAxisValues='0'>" but I didnot realize ,Thank you for your reply yours frank
  3. I don't want to display the number on PY and SY,how can I do it ,thank you !