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  1. I have implemented the server side export function of fusion chart in my application under Weblogic Server 11g. In firefox, i can right click the chart and select the export type to export image or pdf successfully. However, it is fail if i first right click the export the chart in IE. It open a file download dialog, but the file name is FCExporter._jsp and Type is HTML Plugin Document, instead of pdf/jpg. It is strange that the problem is disappeared when i tried to export again by the same method. Please help. Thanks. Regards, Ryan
  2. I have implemented two fusion charts on a jsp page, both have export feature. When the user clicks data on the first chart to drill down, the drill down result would be displayed on second chart. It is well implemented the drill down and export functions. However, it is found that in IE, after I exported the first chart, the drill down feature is disabled, that problem is not discoved in firefox. Please help. Thanks. Attached please find the sample code for demonstrate the case export_chart.zip
  3. Hi Srividya, I have tested that SWF and export handler page have to be on same domain, but the html and other jsp pages are on other server. The export event cannot be triggered by clicking the button. Is it a cross domain issue ? If yes, would you guide how to apply cross domain security ? Thanks !!! Ryan
  4. Hi Srividya, Thank you very much Ryan
  5. Hi Srividya, Attached please find my two export source codes (for client side and server side export). Server side code can successfully export the chart image by right click the chart and select export menu item. However, it would be fail if clicking the self-created export button, it throws "Unspecified error". For the client side, when I right click the chart and select export menu item, capture data dialog is appeared and process from 0-100%, and then FCExporter.swf is shown, but disabled. And it is also same as server side export, it would be fail if clicking the self-created export button, it throws "Unspecified error". Remark: Both codes are hosted in server different server, let say export code in http://code.aaa.com and all resources such as chart swf, fusionCharts.js in http://resouce.aaa.com. thanks for your help. Ryan export.zip
  6. Hi Srividya, My application is hosted by 2 servers in different domain. One is for application JSP source code and the other is for storing the application resource files such as image, flash (SWF), js. When i implement the fusion chart in my application, I point the chart swf in the resource server, it is fully workable for rendering the chart. For exporting chart, i would like to create a button, instead of selecting "Export Chart" in right-click menu, for user to trigger the export event. However, it is not work for exporting the chart in both server and client side mode. For client side exporting, flash file FCExporter.swf is also located in resource server. For server side exporting, nothing is happen when i click the export button, which is same as your previous solution provided.. Please help. Thanks. Ryan
  7. Hi Srividya, Oh..Sorry, i miss a point. Because of particular reason, my SWF files need to put on the other servers (CROSS DOMAIN), I can render normally by the method, same as you provided. However, the chart cannot be exported in client or even server side mode. Any suggestion ? Best Regards, Ryan
  8. Hi Srividya, I also would like to ask if I need to export the chart in client side, I must right click the chart and select 'Export' , is it true ? Or is there any ways I can trigger the client side export feature, such as click the button (outside the flash chart).
  9. Hi Srividya, Thanks your quick response. I can compile my code successfully. For your information, my java is 1.5 version and the server is Oracle OC4J Regards, Ryan
  10. Hi, I am trying to implement the server side export function, but the following exceptions are thrown when compiling the code. What's wrong are they ? Error(50,794): method getServletContext() not found in class _fusion._exporthandler._resources._FCExporter__IMG Error(47,518): method getServletContext() not found in class _fusion._exporthandler._resources._FCExporter__PDF Remark: I am using Java 5 version of the exporter jar, provided from http://www.fusioncharts.com/forum/Topic14950-33-1.aspx