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  1. Is it possible to add a link to a data label - We are trying to allow user to click on a link to drill down to a new page. Thanks
  2. I am interested in using the data url method that returns json with FusionWidgets 3.1 - is that possible? Thanks
  3. I can not get the color values to display if they are less than 1. I have added decimals="2" to the chart tag. The color values get displayed fine if I have decimal values larger than 1. The dial value of 0.52 shows up fine. I am new at this so I am probably missing something pretty basic. My color tags are: color minValue="0.25" code="FF654F" maxValue="0.5" color minValue="0.5" code="F6BD0F" maxValue="0.6" color minValue="0.6" code="8BBA00" maxValue="1.0"