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  1. Fusioncharts JS compression

    Ayan, It seems that google closure-compiler v20160208 works for me with the default compilation level. Thank you for your help. Just to let you know - the latest version v20161201 breaks Fusioncharts code (at least in my tests). Thank you, Michael Kouts
  2. Fusioncharts JS compression

    Ayan, Just to be clear - I am not talking about JS from the distribution package that are already minified. Our licensed distribution also includes the Fusioncharts source code. I've made some changes to some of the files and need to compress them. If I understand you right you use google-closure-compiler version 20160208.4.0 with the standard command line options. Something like: "java -jar closure-compiler-v20160208.jar --js sources\fusioncharts.js --js_output_file js\fusioncharts.js" without any additional options like '--third_party' etc. Am I correct? Thank you, Michael Kouts
  3. Fusioncharts JS compression

    Ayan, Thank you for the response. I was trying the latest google-closure-compiler and had some problems with the result it produced. I will try to use the version you specified. I need to make some changes to the Fusioncharts code (our license allows that) hence the need to compress it. I would appreciate if you can check for me whether you use standard command line options or you had to use some additional ones to get the working code after compression. Thank you, Michael Kouts
  4. Fusioncharts JS compression

    I tried Closure Compiler and it seems to break the code with both SIMPLE and ADVANCED compression level. I would still appreciate if somebody tells me what is the best (and safe) JS compressor for Fusioncharts. Thank you, Michael Kouts
  5. Hi, Can anybody tell me which JS compressor is used for the standard Fusionchart distribution? I would also appreciate if anybody who tried Google Closure Compiler with Fusioncharts share his/her opinion on whether or not it is safe to use the "Advanced" compression level. In my test it results in ~30% smaller files. Thank you, Michael Kouts
  6. Ayan, Your sample code provided me with a workaround - I added an empty "datatable" element to the chart and it seems to resolve my problem. Thank you, Michael Kouts
  7. Ayan, Thank you for the quick response. I use version 3.11.3 that is pretty recent if not the latest. To produce the problem you can remove "datatable" element from the chart as well as "width":"200" from the "processes" in your sample code. Please see the attached screenshot. Thank you, Michael Kouts
  8. For some reason the screenshot was not attached the first time. So I will try it again.
  9. Hi, While switching from a Flash version of the Fusioncharts to the latest SVG version I encountered a problem with the initial process window state. Right after the chart is rendered process labels are scrolled all the way left while the scroll bar position is 0 (see the attached screenshot). Clicking on the "right" arrow eliminates the inconsistency. It also happens every time you resize this chart while the process labels are longer than the process window width. Has anybody seen this behavior? Is there a good (configuration or programmatic) way to make it work properly? The Flash version doesn't have this problem. Thank you, Michael