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  1. Maybe this should be noted in the documentation! I thought i found a nifty shortcut with the drawAnchors tag.
  2. Hi, I am unable to get the drawAnchors attribute for dataSet nodes to work in PowerCharts v3 SelectScatter.swf ex: < dataSet anchorRadius="5" id='0' seriesName='Null' anchorBorderThickness='1' anchorBgColor='FFFFFF' color='cccccc' plotBorderThickness='0' anchorSides='3' drawAnchors="0" showValues="0" includeInLegend="0" >. . . < /dataSet > this dataset points will still be rendered no matter the value of drawAnchors. This occurs in firefox 2+, IE 6, i have tried flash 8 & 9. According to the documentation the drawAnchors attribute goes in the dataSet tags, but if i put drawAnchors="0" within the chart tag, it does stop all points from rendering.
  3. Hi, When using the FusionCharts.js i discovered the "you must encode URL's if using URL's that look like .asp?moo=foo" when using the setDataURL function from FusionCharts.js. However, i discovered this is NOT an issue after the chart object has been initialized. for example i initialize my chart: var chart = new FusionCharts("SelectScatter.swf", "selectChart", "570", "700", "0", "1"); chart.setDataXML(''); chart.render('chartDiv'); If i replace the chart.setDataXML with chart.setDataURL("generateChart.aspx?moo=foo&ice=cold"), it gives me headaches (this happens with fusioncharts and powercharts). BUT later, i have a form updating the setDataURL: function changeChart(chartID,urlValue){ var chartObj = getChartFromId(chartID); chartObj.setDataURL(urlValue); } This works just fine, with the urlValue being something like "generateChart.aspx?moo=foo&ice=cold" without having to encoding the URL (replace unsafe characters with hex). I wonder if the encode URL restriction on setDataURL is a FusionCharts.js problem? should i be encoding the URL just incase though? also, where do i find documentation for those last two parameters for initializing a chart?