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  1. fusion chart batch export

    I have 5 charts to be exported. How I can assign fileName to the charts I am exporting.
  2. fusion chart batch export

    Please find code attached. I put fcexporter.jar & fusioncharts_export.properties directly in lib folder of tomcat.
  3. fusion chart batch export

    one more thing I am unable to fire FC_ExportReady(). FC_Exported() is getting fired. I have adobe flash player 10 installed. Flash Player Global Security Settings are also set. Any help ? Thanks in advance
  4. Export to image/Pdf problem

    I do have flash player 10 installed. Also the Flash Player Global Security Settings are done. FC_Exported is getting fired but FC_ExportReady() is not getting fired.
  5. fusion chart batch export

    I can set the exportFileName only once ? suppose if my export component is var myExportComponent = new FusionChartsExportObject("fcBatchExporter", "/flash/thirdparty/FusionCharts/FCExporter.swf"); then I can set exportFileName as myExportComponent.exportFileName="somefilename"; How I can identify a specific file from a group of 5 files I exported ? I am creating a customized PDF to add the exported files + some text data. Also the Legends for the charts are not getting exported. Is there any way to export them ? Can you please explain ?
  6. I am trying to export 5 charts using batch export (Server side ). How can I give individual names to the charts ? Is there any sequence maintained while exporting the charts ?