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  1. Marker Label Info Often Overlaps Each Other

    Attached is my test code, there is a variable in testFusionMap.html, it is "dataXml", it's value is generated dynamically. open the file(testFusionMap.html) used by ie, you can see that there are two marker's label info overlapping. thank you very much for your reply! FusionMaps.js and FCMap_China2.swf are used in test file, the two files can not be uploaded, I don't know that you are convenient to find the two files? testFusionMap.html
  2. Marker Label Info Often Overlaps Each Other

    my code as follows: <application> <marker id='id1' shapeId='sh' label='speed is XX second' scale='0.8' labelPos='right' /> </application>
  3. Marker Label Info Often Overlaps Each Other

    Eagerly look forward for your reply!!!!!!!
  4. in fusionMap, label info often overlaps each other, How do I solve this problem? for example, i set 'labelPos=right', markers in fusionMap are generated dynamically, sometimes,two markers placed on a horizontal line and closed each other .at this time,label info overlapping. how to solve? thanks in advance.
  5. i forget to say, used in fusionMap thanks for help!
  6. hi, How to make the connector line float above the picture? Annex, the black line is covered with pictures, This is not what I want. I hope the black line float above picture thanks in advance;
  7. this problem is resolved,as the component Pie3D the solution: chart.setTransparent(false); Thank you for attention! mictracy
  8. my ssgrid Block the content of other Div, i want other content show up eg: component Pie3D has such a problem, i can do as follows theChart.setTransparent(false); so, I can get the effect I want that flash in the bottom layer, so that other content show up in component ssgrid ,how do i?
  9. Such as the title.... i only found that evaluation version has a logo....,What difference does it the other? There is a frequency of use restrictions do? thanks, looking for your answer
  10. MSCombiDY2D.swf with property 'numVDivLines'?

    This problem has been resovled! Very grateful to you!!
  11. MSCombiDY2D.swf with property 'numVDivLines'?

    Thank you, but it does not seem to achieve the effect I want. my code is: please see my picture in attachment, all I want is the effect of three red vertical line, rather than those three gray vertical line, that is, that line is to be through the time coordinate dbLine.xml
  12. How to set pie Smart Labels text's color ?

    ok, thank you!
  13. How to set pie Smart Labels text's color ?

    ok, thank you for a lot! i just set 'rate topic' as great, now, this problem has been resovled, how can i cancel it? Trouble you!!
  14. I cant't find property --numVDivLines in API, how can i achieve this effect? i use MSCombiDY2D.swf Thanks in advance
  15. How to set pie Smart Labels text's color ?

    3) smartLineColor='9F89C5', I want to make smartLine's color automatically corresponds to the color of the plot that it points to, how can i to do? if i can't, How do I manually set it's color? thanks, looking forward to your reply!!