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  1. hi,thanks for reply .~~ so ,if u have any info that could help me ,could u send a email to me ? my email is : [email protected] now,i am trying to use JFreeChart to have a test.hope this could work well.
  2. now i'm in this situation : i have a html page,it will show 5 ms_line chart .Every chart has 3 datasets,and every dataset has 2880 value.All the chart uses datetime as the labelname. Question: Everytime i open this page,it will take me 15 seconds more or less.and i already take a test that no time is wasted in get data from DB, it all wastesd in download the html and generate the chart. I save the html's source code,the .txt is about 830KB. so , how can i generate the html page quicker ? 15 seconds is unacceptable. ps: i try to find a way to generate a picture directly with fusionchart and invoke the picture in html page , but i see the api and i didn't find something about it .
  3. never mind , nice to meet u too ~!
  4. that's what Rajroop said, not u , i made a mistake ~ haha ,i could go home now , thank u again ~ so nice to meet u ! what a nice OT day ~~~ Rajroop
  5. i already have a try with 30 categories ~~ there is no question any more ~~ :w00t::w00t:
  6. ha,during my test with connectNullData ,u already do a test with 30 categories, my problem have been totally fixed now ! btw ,how do u know i am an Italian .. ?? ..i am a chinese
  7. thank u very much !!!! it helps a lot !! connectNullData="1" is the point !! i never saw this attribute before ! in addition, could the categories displayed pro rata ? may be i should try 30 x-axis label ,i will have a try !
  8. if i have the XML ,i don't need to ask for help here ,haha . here is my requirement : i have two computers,one's windows,one's unix. i collected two computers' CPU-use-ratio's history values. The windows' one is 5-minute intervals, the other one is 6-minute intervals. Now, i want to compare these two computers' use-ratio trend in one chart , so the datavalues is like this: A : [0,89][5,98][10,87][15,96][20,93][25,91][30,89] B:[0,79][6,89][12,98][18,89][24,99][30,87] question: 1. how many catogeries should i use ? i think 5 or 6 are both wrong ,so i tried 5*6=30 catogeries. so another question comes. 2. if i use 30 , those datasets will display just like some points not lines, and i tried use "" or "0" to fill other values,it can't help . this is it ,sorry for my poor english ,and i am so glad to meet u guys whether the question could be fixed or not .
  9. and ,i didn't receive any email for the new reply ,maybe the default setting doesn't send the email automatically
  10. thank u all the same ,i think i have to find other way to implement my idea. and i just finished a talk with my pm, he said most of the cases dual x-axis is useless, no one would like to compare datasets based different benchmark, but i still wondering how to display the two datasets i mentioned exactly ,i think there is a trend there.
  11. hi,thank u for help,but i don't think u got my point. my two datasets' x axis' value are different, the MSLine.swf only supports one category, neither i use [0,5,10,15,20] nor [0,6,12,18,24],that's not the exact result .i want two datasets displayed exactly . so i am wodering if there is a double x axis chart in fusionchart.
  12. here is my problem : i have two datasets,but their categories are different, for example: dataset A: [0,90][5,98][10,93][15,94][20,80] dataset B: [0,90][6,88][12,92][18,93][24,98] so,how could i get two lines in one chart ? just like the Multi-series line 2D chart in document . btw,will the forum send me a email automatically if there is a new reply ? thanks for any help.