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  1. Realtime chart and catching error conditions

    Thanks Madhumita. I do agree that if there is no incoming data for the real time chart it will not update. I was hoping there be some function in the API to trap such a case.
  2. In my code I am making jsp calls to get real time data and would like to trap error conditions like when the JSP server is unavailable. I have been looking at the widgets documentation under "JavaScript events raised by the chart " and tried to implement using the example code but could not get it to work. See attached file Chart.txt for my code. I can definitely see the alert boxes for FC_Rendered and FC_DataLoaded when charts are first loaded. The XML file notLoad.xml contains URL to JSP and makes call every 5 seconds. Let us say all components are up and running then my charts are all displayed properly. Now if I shut down the jsp server, the chart remains frozen at the last displayed value. I am trying to catch such condition and display an error message or take some other route. Realtime data source in the XML dataStreamURL='chart.jsp?name=value' refreshInterval='5' Can you guys help me with this. Thanks Chart.txt
  3. Plotting out of range values

    That is OK. My problem is that my data range is too big. From 0 to 2 million. Most of the times data hovers at < 50k. So if I give a max value of 2 million, the angular gauge needle moves but the movement is barely discernible. Another way would be to use the JavaScript API using setDataXML(strXML). I can then set the min and max values dynamically based on the incoming data.
  4. Plotting out of range values

    Is it possible...?? Let us say my range for an angular gauge is 0 to 100. The input value is 150. Is it possible for me to plot it in such a way that needle stays at 100 but the display underneath says 150...
  5. Using AngularGauge. jsp page provides dataStream See screenshot...http://imgur.com/fff4I.jpg I continuously get "Invalid data: Non-numeric data" error. On my jsp side I even hard coded values. The screenshot shows fusion in debug mode and also the output from the jsp.