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  1. Trouble with named ID of the dial

    really? but is posible to send 3 diferent value to 3 diferent widgets in the same php page like ID?
  2. Hi everyone, i have a problem with In angular gauge: I have 3 widget in the same page and 1 page in php, this take the data from mysql, but i need to send this information to 3 diferent widget. I things, if i can make this? but the widget dont take the values from page in php if i push ID to Dial. The php page send like this: &label=18:45&value=84&velocidad=84&rpm=2, where velocidad is the ID from one widget in: AND rpm is the ID from: where is the problem? is posible to take 3 diferent values from the same php? for make only one request to the database? thanks advance regard.