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  1. Hello to everybody, I have a little problem: I have a angular gauge used for a speedometer app. Real-time changing doesn't really interfere with the retarded GPS timeout, so I did it this way: window.setInterval(function(){ render_angular_gauge(_CONV_STRING(geolocation.gps.speed)); },1000); (BTW: render_angular_gauge() and _CONV_STRING() are internal functions of mine) Works really fine, I knew how to set the animation speed, but I do not really know how to set where the "arrow" should start. I mean, by setting a new dial value, it starts at "0" and runs up. That's not really what I want. Is there any way for doing that? Means I save the old value to a variable named "old_speed" and say something like "animation-start": old_speed or does anything like that not exist? I hope you understood what I mean. sorry my english is not best, I am German. Thanks for your help! Oliver ----------------------------------------------------------------- ... oh sorry, typo in my username. I'm "Ollibits", why Olfibits? Hmmmmm