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  1. Reg. StackedBar2D.swf

    Is it possible to set xAxisMaxValue and xAxisMinValue in stackedbar2d chart? I tried, but it is not working. Please, Let me know the possiblities to control xAxis value.
  2. Hi, How to put tool text on Gantt Chart Category? Is it possible to give tooltext for Gantt Chart Category? For ex. category start='08/01/2007' end='09/01/2007' label='Aug' toolText="Testing" Please help me ASAP.
  3. Gantt Chart Height Limit

    Hi, Yes. I am also facing the same problem in Gantt Chart Report. Let me know when this issue has been resolved.
  4. Fusion charts and ssl

    The same problem for me too. It does not work in IE. I did all code changes as per your reference ( but no luck. I am using jsp. Please help me ASAP.
  5. Yes. After upgrading, It is working fine. Thank you very much for your support.
  6. In our 3.1 version no Gantt.swf file under FusionWidgets_Enterprise. That's why i am using Version 3.
  7. Thanks for your reply. We are using fusioncharts enterprise version3. Here i have attached my xml file. We are using purchased version only. Kindly give me quick solution. mygantt.xml
  8. No, it is not working for me while using Gantt report. Please Help me ASAP.